Friday, July 10, 2015

Highster Mobile Can Protect Your Children

It seems like every day, the news tells us the story of yet another child or young teen taken advantage of by someone they met online. With social media expanding daily, and more and more people meeting online, it has become more important than ever for parents and care-takers to monitor the online activity of their children. With predators hiding on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, there are now more ways than ever for those who mean a young child harm to come into contact with them. Parents can spend their time worrying, or going through their child’s phone or tablet, but worrying only brings stress into the household, and going through your child’s phone can breed resentment and feelings of privacy being invaded.

A better solution, a less invasive, easier to manage solution, is a remote monitoring software for spying on text messages. Highster Mobile is a software that allows you to have a text message spy in your own pocket. Everything your child does can be seen on your own phone or tablet. No more asking your child to see their phone, no more arguing about lock screens, and no more worrying if your child is communicating with someone they shouldn’t be. Highster Mobile will allow you to view the contents of your child’s phone without asking to see it, or fighting with them about it.

Highster Mobile even allows you to view deleted text messages. If your child tries to hide something from you, you will know it, and you can address it. If your child is being targeted by a predator, you will know it and you can contact the authorities. Highster Mobile is the perfect text message spy. It is discreet, runs in the background, and can be removed remotely. You’ll never have to worry about what your children are getting into again, because you’ll be able to monitor all of their activity remotely.

Why fight with your child over looking at their phone? Why make them feel like you’re invading their privacy? With Highster Mobile, you can have the contents of their phone seamlessly delivered to your own. Their tablet, on your tablet. No more worrying, no more stress, no more fighting with your children and driving a wedge between you.

Also, if you ever want to know where your children have been, Highster Mobile is more than just a text message spy. It can also automatically pull GPS records and tell you where your child has been to within fifty feet. Why go through the same argument with your kids about where they’ve been? Why not just look at exactly where your child has been?

Your children are the most precious thing you’re responsible for, and this great cell phone spy helps you protect them. Need more convincing? Read all the details at this Highster Mobile review here. Highster Mobile will be the wall that stands between your child and the predators that seek to do them harm. It allows you to keep an eye on your children, even when you’re far away.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tracking Files with Cell Phone Spy

Almost every phone has a camera on it, and people can whip out their phones to take footage of car accidents, bar brawls, dance recitals, concerts, and surprise birthday parties. You can take a picture of anything, anywhere, and save it (or send it) in a millisecond. This is great for grandparents who love getting pictures of their grandbabies, or friends who want to share pictures of birthday parties or beach trips. But when embarrassing, destructive or defamatory pictures are taken and shared with others, lives and business can be ruined. Highster Mobile allows you to see every picture taken on the phone, along with every audio file and video files.

It only takes a second for an employee, on their way out the door, to scan important documents and send them to competitors or share them on social media. Using Highster Mobile can stop this, by allowing you to monitor everything they are downloading, scanning, and sending. This software does so much more than allow you to spy on text messages, it gives you a glimpse into what employees and other users of the target phone are sharing with the outside world.

Love that song your loved one downloaded onto their phone but can’t remember the name of it? Log in and voila!, your new favorite song is now at your fingertips. Need more details? A Highster Mobile review can be helpful, and it shows how the software can be used. In most cases, the software is downloaded without the user of the target phone knowing about it, which produces the most genuine online activity. Even the most “techy” users won’t be able to tell the software is on their phone, that you are able to spy on more than just their text messages, but also their emails, social media activity and what types of multimedia files they are sharing. 

Sneaky employees may download audio of private business meetings or private conversations and plan to use them in a way that is hurtful or damaging to individuals in the company or the company as a whole. Prevent this by monitoring their audio files and listening to audio files they’ve downloaded or received by other people.

Parents can ensure that nobody close to them is using the phone to take pictures of their children in an attempt to exploit them; spouses can make sure their partners aren’t accessing files or downloading videos that are inappropriate.

All of the information you find using this software can be saved onto a hard drive, USB, or DVD if it needs to be used at a later date to confront the employee or family member. Terminating a relationship based on the loss of trust (whether it is an employee or spouse) can be tricky without proof and documentation. Using Highster Mobile to spy on text messages, emails, social media activity, and viewing audio and video files gives you the upper hand in proving that inappropriate activity happened behind your back and allows you to take appropriate action.

Whether the user of the target phone knows this software is on their phone or not, one thing is certain: you will know exactly what they are doing, sharing and posting at any given moment.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Dangers of Teens and Cell Phones

How can a cell phone monitoring software and text message spy help protect children?

Between 600,000 and 800,000 people are sold into sex slavery each year, to be used as prostitutes, in sex rings and for other unspeakable sexual purposes. Half of them are children. This is not a problem that only happens in third world countries. Last year, there were almost 4,000 cases of children in the United States being sold as sex slaves. In a world of computers, Wi-Fi and cellphones, adults are soliciting kids online and luring them in with the promise of freedom, money, gifts and love. Most of this coercion is done behind the screen of a cell phone or computer.

As parents, it is imperative to know who your child is communication with, what they are communicating about, and what millions of strangers online know about them. Using software to spy on text messages is a helpful tool for parents to keep their children safe. When programs like SurePoint are downloaded on a child’s target phone, parents can constantly see what their child is doing online.

Adults looking to exploit children will use Facebook as a way to learn private information about a child, such as who they hang out with, where they go to school, where they go after school and on weekends, and even times during the day when they are home alone. Having the ability to spy on their text messages gives you the comfort and security of knowing that they’re being smart about what they say and who they say it to.

And there are smaller problems than sex trafficking that come along with teens and unmonitored use of a cell phone. Bullying, sending and receiving inappropriate pictures and getting caught up with the wrong group of friends can be devastating to a child’s life, and it can all happen so easily on a cell phone. Parents can monitor who their kids are talking to and what they are talking about. Even deleted texts can be recovered, so conversations that teens try to hide easily can come to light.

And it is not just the ability to spy text messages that parents love about SurePoint, it is all of the other useful tools that keep them connected with what their child is doing on their cell phones. SurePoint lets parents check emails, chat history, browser history (even if it has been deleted) contact lists, call logs and social media activity. Anything a teen does on the target phone can be tracked and monitored. And because SurePoint is completely undetectable on the target phone, kids and teens will have no idea they are being watched.

All parents want to keep their kids safe, and in a world of computers and cell phones, it is becoming harder and harder for parents to stay completely “in the know” about what their kids are doing behind their cell phone screens. Utilizing this type of software is an incredible tool for parents to keep their kids out of trouble, out of the “bad group of kids” and most importantly, out of danger.