Friday, April 29, 2016

Your Tween’s First Phone

You may have heard that a lot of parents are providing their tweens with cell phones. It may sound crazy, but there’s a good reason for that. They need to be in touch with each other and there’s really not a lot of ways to do that anymore.

In many households, both parents work—some far away—leaving them with long hours away from their children. A typical commute for an adult from the suburbs to the city can be anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. Some, of course, have longer. Others, shorter. But imagine … 2 hours each way on top of an 8 hour day—that’s 12 hours away from your child! So how could your child reach you?
If they’re at school, they could go to the office and call of course, but what if something else happened at school?

You’ve seen the news. Insane people have shot up schools—even elementary schools? It’s downright horrifying. And what about when they are out of school? There are practically no payphones in the world anymore, something that was everywhere you went when you and I were young. And what about the home phone? Did you know that a lot of people don’t even have a LANline anymore? How would a child contact their parent or call 911 if they didn’t have a home phone?

It’s a different world for your children from the one we grew up in. Smartphones now dominate the telephone market as well as the mobile device section—so it’s not so rare that a parent would choose to give one to their tween. A smartphone can not only keep you in contact with your child, but it can help them with their studies and of course entertain them in their downtime. That being said, if you give your child a smartphone, you need to be diligent in making sure they don’t use it for the wrong thing.

News Flash: there’s a lot of inappropriate material on the Internet. Pornographers, pedophiles, scammers, virus creators and more all thrive in the digital world—and they’re all looking for easy prey. In order to safeguard your child’s experience with a smartphone, it is highly advised that you install a reliable mobile surveillance software program on their device.

A good cell phone spy app allows you to monitor every single thing that your tween does on their smartphone. You’ll be able to search their browser history, see who they’re talking to on social media, check all of their phone calls and texts, survey their surroundings by activating their phone’s camera and microphone, and even track them via GPS.

While you can’t always be with your child, you can do two of the next best things. Giving them a smartphone is one of those things—it really is more of a benefit today than a negative as long as they learn to use it safely and responsibly. The other thing is installing a high-quality monitoring app on that device in order to make sure that they are actually using it the way you want them too.

If you’re looking to learn how to spy message of cell phone or how to spy on cell phone without installing software, or need to know how to spy on a cell phone without having it, Auto Forward is the perfect product for your monitoring needs.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Keeping an Eye on Your Kids’ Devices While Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad can be a fun experience for the whole family. But no matter how big your family is, keeping track of all their devices can be stress inducing. No one wants to have to worry about losing expensive electronic devices while traveling, no matter how far away you are from home. IPads, iPhones and more- these can cost hundreds of dollars to replace and are often filled with valuable photos, data, and more that can’t easily be replaced on their own.

So it’s important to have some way of keeping track of these devices. Enter cell phone tracking software to show you how to get text messages from another phone. Available for all iOS devices, including iPads, cellphone tracking software can help you keep tabs on your child’s devices, giving you one less thing to worry about when you’re traveling away from home. Here’s how you can master cell phone tracking software before your big trip.

Installing the Software
Make sure you purchase monitoring app to track phone which licenses for all the devices you’re keeping an eye on. While it may seem inconvenient and expensive, these devices already cost hundreds of dollars each. Monitoring software is a small price to pay for security. Installing monitoring software is a simple process. Just refer to the manufacturers’ instructions. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be good to go.

Getting Ready to Travel
Before you leave make sure you know which devices you’re taking. Feel free to write them down. You want to make sure that you’ve installed tracking software on each device. Make sure you take along a laptop or tablet which you can use to monitor each device.

From time to time make sure you keep stock of each device. The last thing you want is to forget a device while exiting a plane or a rest stop. Keep your main ‘hub’ device, or the laptop or tablet you’re using to keep track of everyone’s device, on whenever possible.

What to Do When a Device is Lost
There’s no worse feeling than losing a device. But that doesn’t mean it’s lost forever. Locating the device is possible. Just have some patience and be willing to do a little bit of searching.

First, try to locate the lost device using your hub device. The nice thing about cell phone tracking technology that you can locate the exact GPS location of your child’s phone at any given time. Even if the phone is moved, stolen, or turned off, you’ll still be able to map out the phone or tablet’s location.

Get in touch with local authorities if possible. If the phone or tablet was lost at a local business or on a plane or train, get in touch with the business or employees. It can be hard to locate a lost phone or tablet on your own. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

Cell phone monitoring software can also see what’s occurring on the tablet or phone. This means of phone is stolen or lost you can see if anybody’s taking pictures with it, accessing apps, or trying to hack it. This is basically much more than a cell phone tracker. It can be almost like a people tracker when your phone is in the hands of someone else.

In a worst case scenario, you may not be able to locate the phone or tablet at all. You can use cellphone monitoring technology to remotely shut down the phone or tablet, keeping your data secure. Ideally you should backup all devices before leaving your home.

Cell phone monitoring technology can help keep your devices safe matter how far away from home you are. Just be sure to download monitoring technology on all devices before setting off for your trip. Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful, at least when you take these important measures.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When Your Daughter Is A Girl Scout

Thousands of young girls are involved with the Girl Scouts. It can be a rewarding, enriching experience for girls as young as five and as old as seventeen. Between cookie sales, camping trips, and community outreach programs, there’s a lot for members of Girl Scouts to do. But that doesn’t mean that your children are completely safe, even when supervised by their peers and their troop leaders.
            With the power of technology, you can add an additional layer of safety that can mean the difference between a girl that comes home safely after a camping trip and a girl who becomes separated from her troop and lost in the woods.
            Here’s how cellphone tracking technology can help keep your young Girl Scout safe and ready to sell cookies and camp year after year.

Whether you want to learn how to spy on cell phone text messages for free, or how to spy cell phone text messages, or are seeking a powerful free spy on cell phone text messages, the following story can help you make the decision to use cell phone tracking software.

What Cellphone Tracking Software Can Do

            Cellphone tracking software is a powerful, versatile tool uniquely suited to keeping your daughter safe through her cellphone. While often used by employers, cellphone tracking software has the ability to both track the physical location of a cellphone and monitor its usage.
            How can this help you? It can be beneficial in a variety of ways. For instance, say your daughter is on a camping trip with her troop. If she and her fellow Girl Scouts are allowed to bring cellphones along, you can use cellphone tracking software to make sure she’s safe no matter how far away from home she is. Say she gets lost and her troop leaders don’t know where she is. You can use cellphone tracking software to pinpoint her GPS location, helping a search team easily find her.
            Many older Girl Scouts over the age of twelve often go door-to-door selling Girl Scout cookies. While this is a popular method for girls to find potential customers, they’re wandering strange neighborhoods on their own. Cellphone tracking software can put your mind at ease. Instead of having to worry about what your daughter is doing in a strange neighborhood, you can make sure she’s staying safe even when she’s by herself. Cellphone tracking software grants your child the necessary physical independence she needs to grow into her own person while still allowing you a method to ensure that she’s safe, no matter what kind of environment she’s navigating. The last thing you want to worry about during cookie selling season is whether or not your daughter is safe. You can’t hold her hand forever. But you can certainly keep her safe with the power of technology, no matter what.
            Granted, using cellphone tracking software might not work in every single case. Not all troop leaders, for instance, allow girls in a troop to bring their cellphones along on camping trips. But you should keep your girl’s troop leader informed about the power of cellphone tracking software and how it can help keep young girls safe, even on camping trips. It could mean the difference between a lost and found young scout.
            Cellphone tracking software is easy to use and discreet. For a young Girl Scout, it’s a way to help her exercise the new independence that comes with growing up while making sure she can stay safe and informed in a variety of situations. The only thing you and your daughter should have to worry about during cookie season is how many cookies you’re able to sell. You shouldn’t have to worry about your daughter’s safety or whether or not she can make it home from an event safely. Cellphone tracking software is the eye in the sky every parent needs to keep their children safe in a dangerous world.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Top 5 Best Cell Phone Tracking Programs Ever

For whatever reason, you may decide that you need cellphone tracking software. Perhaps you want to monitor your child’s cellphone. Or you’re considering purchasing cellphones for your company and you need to monitor your employee’s use of the phone. You might consider a flat, fee, monthly fee or even maybe a free phone tracker app when you look into buying this kind of software program. Whatever your case may be, it’s important to start off on the right foot with the right products. Here are our favorite cell phone tracking programs on the market today from our least to most favorite. The selections below are all our favorites because of how easy they are to use, their price, and all the features they have to offer.

Mobile Spy
Mobile Spy offers an extensive array of features that’s sure to give you plenty of bang for your buck. The app, while on the pricey side, is capable of monitoring everything from what the phone’s owner is looking at online, the texts they’re sending and so on. It’s very easy to use and Mobile Spy also allows you to easily view detailed reports and change up your notification settings. All in all it’s a solid program, although it’s pricier than some of the other contenders on this list, retailing for a grand total of $89.97. Consider Mobile Spy if you’re looking for an all around solid contender and have a little extra cash to burn.

XN Spy
XN Spy is a very versatile program, offering everything from live call and message monitoring to camera tracking. XN Spy can even flag specific words in texts that the phone owner sends, making it easy for you to understand what’s really going on. Like all the best cell phone tracking apps, XN Spy is very discreet and easy to use. There’s only one major downside to this handy program, however. XN Spy requires users to pay a monthly fee on top of its already hefty initial fee. Still, if you want a reliable program with a lot to offer, consider XN Spy.

Easy Spy
As the name implies, Easy Spy is simple to use. The program comes with all the bells and whistles you can expect from many similar programs such as the ability to remotely monitor messages and calls. Easy Spy even comes with one huge advantage over the competition- users can remotely uninstall the program in case the owner of the phone suspects that something’s going on. Definitely worth considering and the app is fairly priced with a one time fee of $69.99.

Highster Mobile
Highster Mobile is an especially solid entry if you’re looking for a program that will work well with iPhones and iPads. The cell phone spy software program has been highly regarded since it first hit the market back in 2009 and it offers some of the most discreet, secure tracking solutions out of any other tracking program on the market. The program allows you to monitor any phone, regardless of whether it’s been jailbroken or not, with a novel over-the-air solution where you won’t actually have to own the phone you’re monitoring. Just use this bad boy with discretion. It’s easy to abuse its power.

Auto Forward
While perfect for Android phones, Auto Forward is supported on a wide array of devices including Apple phones and tablets. Like Highster you can remotely access someone else’s phone over the air, although you may need to be in close proximity when first setting up the program. Auto Forward is very, very simple to use and you can start tracking a phone within mere minutes of downloading the program. With Auto Forward you can browse almost anything that’s happening on the phone you’re tracking, between social media apps, web searches, and message conversations. It’s definitely the best all-around good choice for a cell phone tracking software, although you can’t go wrong with anything on this list. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

How Cell Phone Monitoring Software Enhances Digital Parenting

Parenting the tech savvy children in today’s world is a huge challenge. Although doable, such a task is fraught with several challenges. You can succeed at digital parenting. What you need is the right skill set. You also need the best and most effective tools. The cell phone monitoring software is one tool worth investing in to parent your children in this digital age. So, how to spy text messages on cell phones for free? In addition to the monitoring software, you can also engage in the following to improve your skills:
  1. Talking with the Children. Installing the monitoring software doesn’t exempt you from the regular talks with your children. The fact that the digital era is here doesn’t mean that normal ways of parenting are now extinct. The software helps you discover problems by spy on cell phone text messages for free of worrying about them finding out. Once discovered, you now have a duty of asking your children to take a seat for a serious discussion regarding the choices they make when using the mobile phone. During the talks, remain calm while being open and direct with the children.
  2. Educate Yourself. The software helps you learn a lot. You’ll come across websites that you’ve never heard of before. You’ll learn the strange words and languages that your children use while sending/receiving messages or making calls. After discovering such wordings, your next task is to conduct online searches of everything that you don’t understand. Try out some of the strange apps, sites or games.
  3. Parental Controls. Using the mobile phone all the time isn’t something that you should encourage your children to do, especially without supervision. In addition to installing and using the cell phone monitoring software, you also need to apply or set parental controls on the gadget. Check that the safety settings for the games, apps, search engine and operating system on the cell phone are activated. Monitor how the children use the phone. Monitor the screen time.
  4. Ground Rules and Sanctions. Digital parenting requires knowledge of the ground rules and sanctions worth setting to ensure that the children use the mobile phone well. When necessary, you should enforce sanctions if you believe that the children aren’t using the phone responsibly. If the monitoring software shows that the children are using the cell phone to bully others or promote antisocial behavior, you ought to set the appropriate ground rules or sanctions.
  5. Befriend and Follow. This is crucial where the social media platforms are concerned. Send or accept friend requests from your children. What you need to avoid is stalking your children. Your children need to know that you don’t dishonor or disrespect their online space. The purpose of befriending and following your children is to encourage them about the importance of developing a solid and excellent reputation online.
  6. Exploring, Sharing and Celebrating. The information that the monitoring software provides you with should not go to waste. Use the information to educate your child about the kind of choices that they make when online. Use the details to teach your child about the risks associated with sending text messages that are replete with discriminatory or sexually explicit messages. More importantly, use the information to let your children know that you’re learning just like them.
  7. Good Role Model. Digital parenting would be an impossible task for you if your kids don’t see the example of what to do or not to do when online. Show your child how to behave when using the mobile phone for calls, text messages or browsing. Let them know the kind of photos that are safe to send to friends. Let the kids learn from you how to relate with or handle strangers. Show the children the basics of collaborating and creating online.

You might still be wondering really can I spy on a cell phone free of worrying about it? The answer is yes! Therefore, you ought to install and begin using the cell phone monitoring software today to improve your digital parenting skills. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cell Phone Monitoring Software Shows You How to Spy on a Mobile Phone That’s Not in Your Hands

Spying on how your child uses his mobile phone is not a question of morality and what not. It shows the proactive role you play in your parenting responsibilities. Many parents are absent from what goes on in the lives of their children or if they do spy they want to know how to spy on a cell phone for free and try and use a scammy product that doesn't really work. Many parents consider their careers and professional lives more important than actual parenting. If you value your parental duties, you must prioritize installing cell phone monitoring software to teach yourself how to spy on cell phone free of needing to physically have the phone in your hands.

Affordable Way of Spying
Moreover, you don’t have to be an extremely wealthy parent to install the software. After all, can you put a price tag on your parental duties? Any tool that allows you to raise your child better is precious in value and worth paying whatever it takes to acquire. To obtain better information from the software regarding your child’s text messages, call habits and social media footprint, don’t tell him that you have installed the program.

To reiterate an earlier point, monitoring how your child uses his mobile phone isn’t an invasion of privacy. After all, you’re a parent and not a stalker. Reassure your child that the information you seek from his mobile phone is for his safety and protection. Spend time with your child letting him know how much value you attach to his safety and security when making or receiving calls. Let him know the value of knowing the kinds of text messages that he receives or sends.

What the App can do
Through this app, you can monitor the following even if the phone isn’t in your possession:
a)      Listening to calls
b)      Tracking text messages
c)      Tracking GPS location
d)     Seeing website history
e)      Viewing Facebook messages
f)       Seeing photos
g)      Seeing videos
It’s possible to use the cell phone monitoring software to spy on cell phone free of being an expert or a genius in such types of technology. All that you have to do is spare a few minutes for downloading and activating the software. Afterwards, the software will begin operating and gathering information from the phone invisibly. The software doesn’t provide any evidence of the work it does thus the person using the phone won’t even know what is happening, unless you tell him.

Running Incognito
The software runs in the background. If you activate it, you will be the only person who knows that the software runs on the phone. Moreover, you’re the only person who will keep receiving information from the software on the phone’s usage. You can use the software to monitor anything you wish to learn about the person using the phone. The software is proving popular with parents and employers alike.

The software records all phone calls. The moment your child uses the phone to call or receive a call, the software will begin recording. You can monitor the call in real-time or listen to its recording later. To access the information that the software captures, you need to log in to your account first. The software is capable of providing you with helpful information such as the number of the person making or receiving the call.

The software will send copies of all text messages that your child sent or received on the phone. The software delivers this information directly to you. However, the software does more than this. It can act as a bugging device. As long as the phone is on, even if not in use currently, the software can transform it into an effective bugging device. Consequently, you can use it to listen to everything that your child does including the conversations he has with his friends.

Install the cell phone monitoring device today and witness its effectiveness firsthand.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

iPhone Tips Parents Should Review with their Teen Before Giving them a Smartphone

Teens between ages 14 and 17 make up 25 percent of kids that own a smartphone. This means sooner or later, a kid that doesn’t have one may want one because their friends or peers have one. Parents thinking about giving their child a smartphone should consider a few factors. Are they ready to have an iPhone? Are they mature enough to handle the responsibility? Few parents want their teen to have a cell phone in case of an emergency, but some teens could get out of control with their device if parents are not clear on importance of responsibility. Here are a few points parents should review with their teen before they get their iPhone.

Keep Location Information to Yourself
Parents should be clear with their teen about how they intend to use certain apps on the device. Many apps will use location services that could put the teen at risk to strangers. For example, Facebook has a feature that lets others know where you are, but it can be turned off or only viewed by people on your friends list. Teens using such apps should be warned about using apps that require your location and who else will know where they are. If you're a parent of a teen that does this you might think about using a sms tracker for iPhone  so you can make sure they're safe as well. Teens should work to be responsible in keeping sensitive details about themselves private for safety reasons, but using a tracker app to be safe is a great idea.

Don’t Drive and Text
Teens old enough to drive should know the dangers of texting and driving. Parents can have this discussion with their teen prior to giving the iPhone. Parents may want to look into special technology that keeps teens from texting when behind the wheel. This is something parents can discuss with their teen. There are a large number of teens every year that get into car accidents due to texting. Parents can discuss consequences of texting behind the wheel. Keep in mind some cities have passed laws making texting while driving illegal. If this is the case where you live review what happens when the offense occurs.

Use Wi-Fi for Downloads, Games and Video
When getting an iPhone many parents decide to get a second line or a family plan. This can help save on costs associated with having mobile service. Depending on what the teen may do with their device it is a good idea to review activities they should keep to a minimum. For example picture-taking apps can be dangerous, but with a spy cam app you can monitor the pictures they're sending and receiving to make sure they're safe online. 

When games and downloads are completed it helps to have them done through a Wi-Fi network when possible. This can help save on data usage costs, but parents should review details about public Wi-Fi use to ensure their teen access a network safely without personal information being obtained by hackers. Parents may also want to discuss which apps and videos are off limits or those they shouldn’t use for certain reasons.

Use Functional Apps that Offer Benefits

Parents can try and encourage their teen to use apps with a purpose. There is a large variety of educational apps millions of teens find helpful. They have helped teens study for tests, set up reminders to remember important details and events, and even inspire more responsibility with daily duties such as chores. Parents can research apps available and make recommendations to their child about which to use. Parents and teens can compromise with iPhone details and find a way to meet in the middle to ensure safety and security.  When teens are enforced to have positive habits with their device they are less likely to engage in inappropriate activity. Parents should have an idea of what their child will do with their device and set boundaries.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Protecting Your Child in a Dangerous City

We do whatever we can to make sure we give our children the best opportunities possible. But sometimes, we can’t always control what city we end up living in. Not all cities are perfectly safe, much as we’d hope they would be and they might start to wonder "is it possible to track someones text messages? or how can I track someones text messages for free?" That’s why it’s more important than ever to protect your child whenever possible. Technology can help you keep tabs on your child, no matter what city you live in. Here’s how you can protect your child in a dangerous city.

Keeping Tabs From the Sky
Cell phone tracking software is just one of many tools available to concerned parents. When you live in a large, dense urban area, cellphone tracking software is the ideal solution to allow your children both necessary independence and ensure that they’re not completely on their own.

With cell phone tracking software that teaches you how to keep track of someones text messages or location, you’ll be able to see the precise GPS location of your child’s phone at any time. Imagine never having to worry about where your child is when they’re late coming home from school. Or knowing exactly where they are when they say they’re hanging out with their friends. You don’t have to be physically beside your child to know where they are at all times. In a city, nothing could be more valuable.

But GPS tracking isn’t the only tool available to you. Cell phone tracking software also provides you with detailed information about how the phone is being used. From being able to see texts to what photos are being taken on your child’s device, you’ll know who your child is talking to and what they’re up to, no matter what the case might be.

When you live in a large city, this has a lot of useful applications. Imagine if your child starts sneaking out at night and you’re wondering if they’re involved in a gang. Or what if you’re worried about how safe your child will be riding the subway home? You don’t have to continue worrying when you have cellphone tracking technology at your side. Cell phone tracking technology allows you to watch your child without being physically at their side.

Other Measures You Can Take
But beyond cell phone tracking technology, you may want to take some additional safety measures, whether or not you’re a native of the city or not.

Consider collaborating with other parents to start a “walk-pool” after school. Parents in your neighborhood can take turns walking with a pooled group of your children, ensuring that all the kids in your neighborhood are able to return home safe and sound and have a safe opportunity to socialize with other kids their age.

Be sure your child also knows basic safety techniques. Teaching your child self-defense maneuvers and how to call for help can be a lifesaver if your child ever finds themselves in a questionable situation in your city. They should know how to safely cross the street, to avoiding speaking with strangers when out by themselves, and so on.

As your child gets older, they’ll become more and more dependent. Be sure you educate your children on how to ride public transportation if you feel comfortable letting your children ride the bus or the subway on their own.

But most importantly, help them understand that they should always get in touch with you if they ever feel nervous or unsure about a situation. Their cell phone can be a lifeline and teach them to use their cellphones with upmost respect. It may be a good idea to give them a rechargeable external battery so they never have to worry about their phone dying while out.

The big city can be scary at times. But it doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. Basic safety techniques and cell phone tracking technology can help protect your children for years to come. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Get Paid to Get Rid of Your Old iPhone through Recycling via Apple Renew

When the iPhone SE was released it was stated there are over a billion Apple devices distributed around the globe. This means there are many devices that can be recycled. Few iPhone users wonder what they can do with their old iPhone if they can’t sell it. The good news is Apple offers a safe solution that may also include users getting a little cash for their efforts. The Apple Renew program is a recycle initiative that includes taking old Apple devices and recycling them for other uses. The program is known to take old devices and reuse parts that technically let the old device continue to live on. Recycling this way ensures old devices are not dumped in a landfill making it safe for the environment. Here is how you can take advantage of Apple Renew.

What is Apple Renew?  
Apple Renew is a recycling program that takes old Apple devices and recycles them safely. There are materials from old devices that are separated from other parts such as copper and lithium.  In some cases old parts are used to make solar panels. Apple has mentioned some of the materials can be used to develop other Apple products in the future. If you have an iPhone you want to get rid of, there are options through the program that may include getting paid for your old device depending on the model. Consumers can contact Apple with questions about their device and get a price as to how much they may get for it.

How Much Can You Get?
For those who want to recycle their old iPhone in hopes of getting paid, there are a few details to know.  Apple will pay customers roughly between $50.00 and $300.00 depending on the iPhone model. Models eligible for payment may include iPhone 4 up thru iPhone 6. You should inspect your device and make sure it is in decent condition in order to get the highest payment possible. There is a downside to the payment process that may bother some Apple users. When payments are made it is in the form of an Apple gift card.  If you use iTunes often this could be something to consider. Or, you could use the gift card toward purchase of a new device.

Additional Insight on Recycling Old Devices
The Apple Renew program accepts most types of Apple devices including iPhones, iPods, Mac systems and tablets. If the device no longer turns on it may be a good candidate for recycling. If the device still works but you don’t want to use it, there are other ideas to consider. If you think you can get more money for the device in its current condition you could sell it to a friend or online through an auction site. There are apps you can download that will help you turn the device into something else such as a baby monitor or home security monitor.

Tech savvy individuals may find other functions for their old iPhone if they are willing to put in extra effort.  Some parents will give their old iPhone to their child to play with. Apps for kids can be downloaded and the device can be used for this purpose. Parents need to be careful as to what their children do while playing with the device. An old iPhone can be used as a clock, desktop calendar, flashlight, map or GPS assistant, and other unique uses. Contact Apple or visit their website for Apple Renew to learn more about how the program works prior to donating your iPhone.

Why would you want to recycle an iPhone? Maybe it's yours, your son's, or maybe even a disgruntled boyfriend you just dumped and still pay for his cell phone. Maybe you used a text spy app to find that he was doing something shady on his cell phone with other girls? So of course the last thing you want to do is pay for his cell phone now. When using this kind of software to spy cell phone this outcome is not uncommon. That's a very good reason to use the Apple Renew program. Just remember to take the cell spy software off the cell phone before you turn it in!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Amazaon VS. Flixster

The bigger box office battle in my book

The latest backlash against Amazon has come in the wake of Flixster’s surprising message that says it’s app—along with the hundreds of movies that many viewers have paid for and downloaded through the service—will no longer be supported on Amazon’s Fire TV and Kindle Fire. You can make sure your loved one is safe by learning how to track someones texts.
One devoted customer got this message when they tried to find out what was going on with his collection:

“Thanks for contacting us, and sorry for the technical difficulties!

Unfortunately, Flixster is no longer supported on Fire TV or Kindle. However, you can still play your movies and TV shows on a variety of other devices, including PC/Mac, Roku, and iOS and Android devices. For more information, please visit our apps page here.

Alternatively, you can check with other UltraViolet™ retailers to see if they support your Fire TV / Kindle. For information about other retailers, please go here.”

This infuriating message has been received and scorned by thousands of users all over—many of whom have invested hundreds of dollars in purchases and upgrades to digital versions of their movies. Have you ever wondered can someone track your text messages?

One loyal Amazon fan, who goes by the name Goat6500, wrote on the site’s customer review section:

“Terrible. I have 100+ ultraviolet movies and today amazon took away the only way to watch them with the Fire Stick(I have 4 of them). Was on the phone with customer support for half an hour as the argued they 'never supported Ultraviolet' which is not true because I've been using Flixster for over a year with my 4 Amazon Fire sticks. Then the CSR offered to give me a $20 credit to buy the movie Ultraviolet(2006). I'm not kidding and no, Ultraviolet is not one of my movies. It took me years to finally accept the idea of buying a 'digital movies' because of the fear of it being simply taken away or unsupported. We'll that's exactly what Amazon did. You may also be interested in learning how can you track someones text messages.