Friday, June 19, 2015

Difference between Monitoring and Spying on Cell Phone

Despite the fact that there is a superficial similarity between the two, there are also evident differences. Not to mention both types are used often for different purposes. Essentially, a cell phone monitoring app may not necessarily be a spying app while the latter can be used as a monitoring app. This means that a cell phone spying app is more elaborate in functionality and design compared to the monitoring app. Need view call logs, photos or videos on someone else’s phone? Need to spy text messages? Mentioned below are some differences between monitoring your children’s cell phones and actually spying on their daily activities after school via tracking them at every single moment.

Monitoring vs. Spying

As the name suggests, these are two different types of apps that are designed for different purposes. Apps that are designed for monitoring are rather limited in functionality and provide limited control to the user. Some spy apps are classified as cell phone spyware without installation required. These apps utilize available Wi-Fi connection for privately sending the information to the required destination.
In fact, these apps work in the shadow mode, which provides them the ability to evade cell phones own activity tracking mechanism. All activities, data tracking is done via the app’s onboard software suite without the user realizing what was going on. And just by the click of a button you can instantly know where your kid is. The application automatically generates a text message prompting the person to call back as soon as possible.


Essentially, apps that are designed to monitor the cell phones that are used for the following activities:
·         Sexting and harassing coworkers
·         Talking with family or family members during working hours
·         Downloading unnecessary apps and games during office times
·         Making private conversations and illegal activities via cell phone
·         Wasting time on the internet
·         Spy text messages to ensure employees are delivering client satisfaction
There are other activities that employees also use, which the company management needs to monitor. The above activities are constantly monitored by the company management and a log report comprising each employee is prepared and submitted to the manager at the end of the month. Cell phone monitoring apps are designed to provide access to employee data. However, these apps are not designed to stop incoming or outgoing data from the phone.


These apps are carefully designed for the purpose of looking into; tracking, adding and blocking data form a phone almost exclusively. Such software is often used by parent for keeping a track of their child’s cell phone activity. The important thing is that these apps that are categorized as cell phone spyware software are exclusively designed as a tool designed for device protection.
A great cell phone spy app to try is Auto Forward. Its powerful features include GPS location and a unique user panel to spy text messages and more.

Both types of apps are being widely used by different sets of clients. The monitoring apps are commonly used in the corporate sector where time is as valuable as money hence no wastage is allowed. While spy apps are mostly used by parents to spy on text messages on their child’s cell phone activity and keeping a track on what they have been doing. Although the difference between both types is negligible, but it still exists. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Tips to Making Cell Phone Monitoring More Efficient for your Company

Cell phone tracking and spying applications are things that many startups and small businesses tend to avoid using due to the precedence of privacy issues. This is primarily because small businesses are relatively young and can’t afford an early defamation by its employees. For medium to large businesses, it is quite another story. An app to spy text messages is used by many multinational companies to keep track of their employees while they are off the premises.

Big employers can use cell phone monitoring software and applications to legally ensure the following elements:
Track and manage employees that work in the field.
Boosting compliance in various business and organizational policies.
Minimizing personal usage of cell phones provided by the company.

Apart from monitoring employees internally, the need for cell phone tracking applications and software becomes paramount when you talk about monitoring groups that work in the field, outside of company parameters. A handful of these groups can include delivery men, sales reps and service employees. These employees are the ones that are mostly issues company smartphones so that they can take care of business more efficiently. 

Monitoring Employees in the Field

Software for spy text messages can help you efficiently and effectively monitor you’re the employees working outside company grounds to ensure everything is in accord.  Good tracking applications can help you to locate your employees easily, no matter where they are, it helps you to coordinate more efficiently and increase response timings on behalf of the employees. These are all factors that can help you company to grow and rake in more profits.

Become more Stringent in Exerting Company Best Practices

Companies put in a lot of time and effort to draft and implement specific policies and organizational protocols, which are intended to help employees to work towards similar company objective. However, employees who are not monitored often tend entirely negate or ignore these best practices, which never bodes well for the company itself. This ends up exposing the company to different risk and threat factors.

Using top-notch cell phone software and spy applications can help put a degree of fear in your employees. When they know that they are being tracked, they will not attempt to breach company protocols.

Eliminating Personal Cell Phone usage

Employees are often seen emailing, calling and texting using their company phones. This unsanctioned use can result in increased company phone bills and lead to a loss in worker productivity. Using a good cell phone monitoring application can help you block social media applications and calling. Plus, you will also be able to track calls via a complete log provided by the application.

In order prevent personal cell phone usage for your employees it is important that you download an application, which has the following features:
·         Browser history tracking
·         Video log and picture tracking
·         Email log
·         Calling logs and details

So, the bottom line is spy text messages applications are quite useful for ensuring safety of your business while keeping your workforce in check. And if you’re in the market for the best cell phone monitoring software, try Auto Forward for the most powerful but easy-to-use application on the market today.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Best App For Text Message Spy

Picture this scenario. Your wife starts spending more time at work, and she hangs out with the girls every free moment she has. You think, "Is she up to something?" As your head fills with questions, you weigh the various options. Do you confront her? But what if you are wrong?You want proof. Do you hire a private detective? That can be quite expensive and time intensive.

Now you ask yourself, "How can I check on my wife?" You could try to read her email, but unless you have her password, this is not an option. You could try to follow her yourself, but you are likely to get caught. How about her cell phone? It is unlikely she would make calls to her lover within earshot, but you could look at her texts! Unfortunately, when you ask to see her phone, she refuses to give up the goods, saying that you should trust her.

So, you decide to look at her cell phone yourself. But then you accidentally get caught or even delete the proof. Before you decide to spy on your wife's cell phone, let's talk strategy. Consider purchasing a cell phone spyware app. The best app to spy on text messages is Auto-Forward. For one low price, you can have the perfect tool you need to spy on your wife. It is compatible with all Apple and Android devices. Auto Forward tracks all text messages, even those that were deleted.

Once you have obtained your cell phone spyware, follow these tips to avoid detection.

·         Find an opportunity where you know you can safely be alone with the target device for two to three minutes to install the software. The perfect opportunity might be when she is in the shower. If she is a heavy sleeper, wait until she has gone to bed.

·         Hide all evidence of the spyware. You have gone to such great lengths to be secretive, so don't just casually toss the packaging and receipt in the trash or recycling bin. Also, make sure you don't purchase the software using a joint checking account or credit card.  

·         Have an excuse at the ready in case you get caught. One perfect excuse is "My phone is acting funny. I was just trying to call it using your cell." Or you could tell her “I misplaced my phone and was just borrowing yours.”

Keep in mind that the information you obtain cannot be used legally against your spouse. However, it can confirm/dispel your suspicions. You can now make decisions based on the proof or lack thereof. Perhaps you may now have knowledge of when and where your wife meets her friend. This can help you actually catch her in the act where you can get the legal proof you need. Text spying can give you the peace of mind you need and help you move on with your life.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Let's face it; we are literally attached to our cell phones. It is no wonder given the capabilities smartphones afford us. Our cell phones carry a wealth of data from who we know to where we've been. Have you ever wondered what is on someone else's cell phone? It is quite normal to be curious about the lives of others, yet there are instances where the need to know goes beyond curiosity. So this begs the question “Why spy on someone's phone?” There are many situations where it can be quite useful, even necessary to spy on someone's phone.  Here are some examples.

·         A husband believes his wife is up to something illicit. When he asks to "borrow" her cell phone, she refuses. The husband becomes even more suspicious and needs to confirm/dispel his suspicions.

·         A mother suspects her teen-aged son is texting while driving. She is desperate to keep him safe.

·         An employer is concerned that an employee is using a company cell phone for personal affairs. He wants to monitor his employee to determine his on the job productivity.

·         A woman thinks her abusive husband is having her followed. She wants to find out if this is true so she can take the necessary precautions to protect herself and her children.

·         A father is worried that his teen-aged son is using drugs. The information on his son's phone might help him verify his suspicions so he can get his son into treatment.

·         A woman suspects her elderly mother is being abused physically by her in-home aide. She wants to confront her but fears she may retaliate on her mother. Her mother's cell phone could be the key to getting the needed proof.

So now that you have a reason, you may wonder, "How do I spy on someone's phone?" Your first thought might be to try the conventional method of sneaking a peak at the person’s phone while he/she is otherwise occupied.  Unfortunately, this method does not allow you to get a thorough view of all the information stored on that phone.  It is also highly likely you will get caught using this method.

The more realistic solution is to use spyware. There are a variety of cell phone spy devices on the market. The best by far is clearly Easy Spy. In just a few steps, you can literally become an easy cell phone spy. Easy Spy can be installed in minutes with only brief access to the target cell phone. This powerful app tracks a wealth of information such as text messages, emails, call logs, geographic location, browser histories, photos, videos and more! The stealth feature allows you to activate the target cell phone's camera, enabling you to view the area around the phone. Easy Spy gives you access to old, new and deleted information. The app is affordable and compatible with a variety of devices.

 Why wait when the information you need can be available at your fingertips? Peace of mind is only a few minutes away!

Monday, June 8, 2015

5 Tips To Monitor Your Employees Cell Phones To Protect Company Data

Your company’s data is very sensitive regardless of the business you do. Usually, when you issue employees with cell phones, you give them access to the vital information of the business. Hence, if their access and handling of the data is not regulated, it may place the company in a very compromising situation.
Your competitors will be glad to know your ingredients for success. They are ready to do anything to get that information, even bribing your own employees. How do you ensure that this does not happen? Below are five tips for remote monitoring software to track the staff’s cell phone usage, to ensure safety of the company’s data.
1.      Ensure that it has a remote wiping software
Most manufacturers only care about recovering stolen devices. What many people do not know is that the period between the theft and the retrieval is enough for the thief to extract data from the device. However, if the device has the remote wipe and lock application, the data will remain inaccessible. Hence, before you issue a phone to your employee, make sure it has this important feature. Instead of buying a single app for every phone, you may consider getting Highster Mobile app that has this and more features tailored for cell phone monitoring.
2.      View calls and messages from the company-issued phones regularly
With the right software, it is possible to go through all the calls made by your employees together with the messages. There is so much that goes on behind your back, which you would not know if you do not use an app for cell phone monitoring.
With the app, you can follow up personal conversations by the employees. In some instances, you may catch a worker, who has been trading your company’s secrets to your rivals. Highster for example has a text message spy. Even when the users delete the messages, they remain accessible to you.
3.      Use GPS tracking feature to deny access to networks at certain locations
You can keep your data safe and secure, by only allowing access to the business networks, when the worker is at particular locations. Hence, if they had planned to share some information with a competitor, they will not be in a position to do so. However, you will need a cell phone monitoring software with a GPS tracker. Highster has this feature, which makes it the utmost choice for employers.
4.      Link all the cell phones with the users and the role
With the assistance of the IT department, you should ensure that each of the cell phone linked to your network has an identity and purpose. This way, it will be easier to establish when the user uses the device for other uses or tries to poke their noses where they are not supposed to.
5.      Make it clear to the employees that the devices are under surveillance
While you may feel that spying secretly is the way to go, it is best when your employees know that they are being monitored. They are unlikely to try anything fishy and those who do will know that they will be answerable to the employer.
For the best cell phone monitoring, you will never go wrong with the Highster mobile application from