Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Who’s Your Teen Sleeping With? Chances Are It’s Their Cell Phone.

Movies, TV shows, video games, social media, Vine, YouTube, texts—today’s world has so much to offer teens of today. And they are loving it! But did you know that today’s teens spend up to 9 hours a day in front of electronic media? Or that the main tool for their media addiction is their very own cell phone?

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, nearly 75% of American teens have access to a smartphone—and they claim they are on them daily. But does daily end where night begins?

Many teens are so addicted to their phones that they bring them into their bed at night and continue texting under the covers until the wee hours of early morning. But who are they texting? What are they saying? And what pictures or videos have they seen or shared.

No longer are parents concerned only with who might be in the bedroom with their daughter or what their son is looking at under the covers. Today’s teen doesn’t have to have someone or something there physically … except their phone. The modern smartphone gives them full access to all the world’s dirty little secrets and dangers. From lurking pedophiles to bullying peers, the smartphone allows the worst of the worst to enter their bedrooms and crawl beneath the sheets while you sit unawares on the couch watching a DVRed delight or scrolling aimlessly on your own smartphone.

But even if you aren’t just sitting there in ignorance, you don’t have to leave their safety up to hope. Your very own device can help you monitor what’s going on under your roof—and it’s easy to do doesn’t cost a fortune.

Are you looking to learn how to spy on iphone? Any parent that entrusts their teen with a mobile device should be smart enough to install a top-of-the-line mobile spy app to make sure their loved one is practicing safe texts. Highster Mobile spyware is a fantastic mobile monitoring app that allows parents to safely monitor their child’s phone from afar and without notice. A choice pick of thousands of moms and dads, Highster Mobile is simple to install and easy to use. Within minutes of downloading, parents can begin monitoring what is happening—in real-time—on that targeted device.

Spy on text messages with sms tracker free, listen in on phone calls, scan through their social media usage and view all pictures and videos. They’re your children and it’s under your roof. That means making sure they are making smart decisions falls under your jurisdiction. Highster Mobile android phone tracker can help you correct your teens overuse or misuse by alerting you to the frequency of your child’s usage or the content of what they are seeing, saying or sending.

Too much media usage can lead to teens not sleeping because they perk up at every alert. Peer pressure forces them to answer every text or post. Surfing social media can have a bad effect on their self-confidence because they may see bad things being said about them or feel undeserving when their peers are putting up their best and most fun pics. But if you try to tell them to stop without having proof of the damage….

That’s why it’s a wise idea to take matters into your own hands. Install Highster Mobile today and make sure that your teen gets some sleep so that you can too.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monitoring The Text Messages On Someone’s Phone

The adoption of text messages as a major means of communication has been adapted in many parts of the world, many people cutting across all the ages both the elderly and the young have adopted the text messaging features of the available smart phones as their favored means of communicating with their loved ones as well as their business partners. The use of text messages on a cell phone tracker app as a favored method of communication can be attributed to the many exciting features that have been incorporated into the act of text messaging.

Text messages have been enhanced with the use of smileys, icons and many other exciting characters that can make the texts more enriched and better to be used as a means of communication. Including these smileys in a text message will increase the emotions that are meant to be conveyed through the text messages, sending a text message to a loved one that is enriched with very nice smileys will always be loved and cherished by the text message recipients, the icons and smileys creators have not rested on their laurels in the creation of many types of smileys, they are constantly releasing new icons and smileys to meet up with the increasing wave of emotions that are applicable in the society today.

The use of text messages in the corporate scenes have also been highly favored, there are many reasons for this fact, text messages are used to convey precise messages to the recipients who will totally understand the message that is being conveyed in the text messages, many operating systems have focused on making their text messaging features very useful and efficient for the users, this has also increased the revenue received from the sales of these smart phones. Text messages are also very good as a means of communication because they can be saved for future references which will be viewed any time they are needed.

The use of text messages to track iPhone location has been a feature of text messaging that has been utilized in the corporate scenes in many ways, text messages can contain clear instructions that will not be forgotten if those instructions where conveyed using a voice call. The new features included in the text messages that include uploading of videos and the mms features can also be used to convey very precise information through text messages.

Monitoring text messages
Text messages on an android tracker can be used as a privilege given to children by their parents as well as the employees in a big organization, these free text messaging privilege will be sponsored by the organization and it will be focused at creating a system where there is no hindrance to the smooth flow of communication through the departments of the organization between the mangers and the employees.

The text message privileges given to children by their parents are provisions made by the parents to also keep an open line of communication between their children and themselves, text messaging privileges can also be provided for the children by their parents to make them feel happy and enable them to communicate easily with their friends and school mates, this is due to the reasons that text messaging has been widely adopted as a favored means of communication among teenagers.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Do You Know What Your Child Is Doing On His Or Her Mobile Phone? You Should. It May Shock You.

About 80% of teens in the United States own a smartphone according to bbc.com. But what those teens are doing with their smartphones should make every parent incredibly concerned. If you’re thinking about installing spying apps, you are definitely not alone.

The PSA message of the good old days “It’s 10 p.m., do you know where your children are,” needs a major update thanks to the proliferation of the smartphone. Sure, you may know that your child is safe and sound in the comfort of their own bedroom, but are they really safe? What exactly are they doing in there?

Kids, like technology, are so much more sophisticated than we were back when we were their age. Media and technology have made them that way. And we are partially to blame. We give them everything they want, partially because we want it too. Ask yourself, does a 9-15-year-old really need a smartphone? The answer is really a big resounding “no”. There’s probably no need. But we have convinced ourselves that everything our incredible modern world offers is now a necessity. Do we need a 50+ inch flat-screen television? No. Do we need a massive SUV? No. Do we need bottled water? No. Do we need WiFi? Not really. Maybe. But we believe we really do—thanks in part to advertising, marketing, the media and good ol’ fashioned peer pressure.

Because of all that, our children have smartphones. And with smartphones, instant access to sex. Down and dirty sex. And it’s turned them into sexual beings a lot earlier than we thought.

But you’re pretty savvy too. Maybe you’ve installed a great mobile spy app on their phone and know how to spy on a cell phone remotely. Bravo. You’ve taken the first step toward protecting your child. But you’re going to have to know more than just a few key word searches like selfies, sexting, free phone locator, and cell phone tracking app, because the kids have their own lingo. Below are some of the many text codes to look out for the next time you’re scanning your child’s smartphone for inappropriate material and behavior:

1. IWSN - I want sex now
2. GNOC - Get naked on camera
3. NIFOC - Naked in front of computer
4. PIR - Parent in room
5. CU46 - See you for sex
6. 53X - Sex
7. 9 - Parent watching
8. 99 - Parent gone
9. 1174' - Party meeting place
10. THOT - That hoe over there
11. CID - Acid (the drug)
12. Broken - Hungover from alcohol
13. 420 - Marijuana
14. POS - Parent over shoulder
15. SUGARPIC - Suggestive or erotic photo
16. KOTL - Kiss on the lips
17. (L)MIRL - Let's meet in real life
18. PRON - Porn
19. TDTM - Talk dirty to me
20. 8 - Oral sex
21. CD9 - Parents around/Code 9
22. IPN - I'm posting naked
23. LH6 - Let's have sex
24. WTTP - Want to trade pictures?
25. DOC - Drug of choice
26. TWD - Texting while driving
27. GYPO - Get your pants off
28. KPC- Keeping parents clueless

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cell Phones: The New Addiction

Is your teen addicted to his or her cell phone? Would you know it if they were. Many parents like to think they can recognize the signs of addiction in their children, but the truth is they may not be able to see it, because the kids are so good at hiding the fact. If you’re looking to spy on iphone or android, you’re not alone.

If you have a teen who is constantly looking at his screen—whether it be to read texts, surf the net, check out their social media sites, play games or send emails—then you should sit down and have a talk with them.

Doctors recommend that kids limit their entertainment screen time to no more than 2 hours a day—be it a cell phone, tablet, television or gaming console. Are you doing that with your kids? Chances are that if you told them what the doctor said, the average child would respond with a very boisterous, “WHAT?!?” And you may agree. Ask yourself, how much time do you spend in front of a screen for recreational purposes? Probably a lot more than that as well.

So how does one curb their child’s exposure to smartphones, T.V., tablets and videogames without seeming like an ogre? Try these tips (as recommend by WebMD):

  • Watch your own screen habits. Although your teen may not seem to pay attention to anything you do or say, you are still her most important role model. So you can't tell her to cut back on TV time if you're watching endless hours of TV, texting while you're driving, or eating dinner with your Blackberry on the table.

  • Remind teens to limit screen usage. Banning electronics completely isn't realistic these days, but it's important to let your teen know you’re paying attention to how much time she's on a screen.

  • Motivate your teen to exercise. Many kids drop out of sports programs during the teen years. Your teen will be more motivated to move if you let him choose the type of activities he wants to participate in.

  • Encourage activities that involve socializing. Look for activities and clubs that engage your teen socially, so he will get out and be with other people. If you can't convince him to join you at social events, suggest activities related to his interests that involve other kids, such as school or church groups or volunteer work.

  • Create screen rules together. You'll be more likely to get your teen's buy-in if you come up with screen-time rules as a family. Together you can write up a contract that outlines clear house rules with rewards and agreed upon punishments. Here are some suggestions for rules to implement together:

1.      No texting during meals, either at home or a restaurant
2.      No TV during meals
3.      No TV until after homework and chores are done
4.      The TV gets turned off at a set time at night
5.      The computer stays in a public room in the home
6.      No TVs in bedrooms

  • Talk about it. Explain that the more TV they watch, the less time they have to be physically active and the more likely they are to gain weight. Show them articles or books about the impact of using too much media so they understand that your rules aren't unfounded—and that you've got their best interests and good health at heart.

And as a last resort, install a good mobile monitoring app on their phone so that you can make sure they are adhering to your rules and not doing anything they shouldn’t be. You can spend hours scouring the internet to learn how to track a phone location or my free android spy, but the truth is if you really want to know how to spy on cell phones, try Highster Mobile. This app is light on the wallet, simple to install and easy to use.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Having Your Own Safety Check

The terrorist attacks in Paris that happened this past weekend have shocked and stunned the world—even a world that thinks it’s seen everything. The pure barbarity of the attacks on a sports arena, a music club and a popular restaurant is putting France and everyone else on high alert to terrorism—especially because they hit typical places that Parisian citizens would enjoy on a Friday night. ISIS claimed responsibility to these horrific events, and France, the seat of democracy, was once again put to the test.

We’re not living in a safe world. Although our own personal lives might not ever witness such large-scale brutality, these attacks just underscore our vulnerability as a society against the forces of evil. Many parents thought about their own kids when they learned about the details: what if that was my son or daughter in a music club, or eating dinner, or enjoying a soccer match? How would I find my child? What if cell phone service was down? How can I find my child immediately? A phone trace is a real need.

Modern cell phones can play both hero and villain in these situations. Facebook added safety check to their social media app so people in and around Paris could check in with their loved ones. According to theverge.com in October 2014:

“Facebook is introducing a new Safety Check feature designed to help friends and family members check on loved ones during natural disasters. The tool works by triggering a push notification on devices that are near an affected area. Facebook determines location from cities listed in profiles, last location from the Nearby Friends feature, or the city you’re connecting and using the internet from. If a Facebook user is safe they simply hit the ‘I’m safe’ button and a notification and News Feed story will be generated automatically. Facebook’s early test of the tool was a success and eventually led to today’s feature addition. The social networking giant will work with authorities to flag disasters, and Safety Check will debut worldwide on Android, iOS, feature phones, and the desktop version of Facebook.”

But then Facebook was criticized for not enabling this feature in previous and similar assaults on humanity, like the recent bombings in Beirut.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that kind of technology that you can control? You can! A cell phone spy like Highster Mobile allows you to do your own “safety check.” The cell phone gps tracker app allows you to view a target phone’s activity on multiple devices of your choice: your own cell phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer.

What can you see? You can view photos, videos, social media activity, call logs, text messages, emails and much more. But most importantly, this cell phone spy app comes with a GPS locator so you can easily locate a phone. The location of a loved one’s cell phone can be the lifeline and confirmation you need during a disaster or crisis.

With Highster Mobile android and iphone tracker app, you don’t need a social media giant like Facebook to perform your own important safety check on a family that’s missing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

To Spy or Not To Spy...That (For Parents) Is The Question

So you’ve given your child a cell phone—nay, a smartphone—and you’re not sure if that was a good idea. Nay again—a smart idea. But how can you know until you actually do it? Depending on the necessity of providing your child with the device or the responsibility level of your loved one, the answer may vary from parent to parent.

Today, the definition of a necessity has changed from when we were kids and our parents were kids. Things that were once free (like water and television reception) or readily available (like payphones and stay-at-home parents) are now basically things of the past. Nowadays, having a cell phone at one’s side is basically a necessity. Our kids are out and about and there’s no one to keep an eye on them or aid them, because either both parents are working or the child comes from a single-parent home. And making a phone call from outside a house’s landline is practically an impossibility nowadays, because pay phones have gone the way of the dodo.

So today’s parent is left with an option they are not always sure that they are ready to deal with: giving their child a cell phone to stay in touch. But chances are that once you give that kid a mobile device, he or she will start using it for more than just “keeping in touch.”

Today’s smartphones are powerful computers that provide all of the world’s wonders—and dangers—at any time twenty-four hours a day. But you don’t have to go through the process blindly. It’s a good idea to sit down with your loved one and set some ground rules about using their mobile device responsibly. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Explain to them that having the device is a privilege not a birthright. It can be taken away.
  • Tell them no phone after bedtime and make them leave their cell in a public area of the house during the night to quell any urge use it once it’s lights out.
  • Teach them about the hidden costs of ringtones, texts and apps—all of which are not covered by your data plan.
  • Insist that they obey the school rules. Tell them to turn it off during school hours and tell them you’re going to check it if they test you.
  • Teach them the dangers of misuse. Every text, every email, every post, every picture is forever in the digital world. If they say something bad or join in on something wrong, it will never go away.
  • If they’re older, insist that they never every EVER text, talk, surf or view anything while driving.
  • Teach them to never respond to a number they don’t know. Predators are waiting to pounce at all times and prey on unsuspecting kids. If they don’t know the number, then don’t reply. No matter how many times they try.
  • Insist that they turn it off once in a while and do something else like play sports, draw or actually sit down and have a real face-to-face conversation with someone. Hopefully you!

Or if all else fails, you can always install a good spy app for tracking cell phones on their device to make sure they’re doing the right thing. An inexpensive, easy-to-use mobile spy app like Auto Forward will let you access the target phone—no matter where it is—in order to observe emails, pictures, texts, calls, locations, social media usage and more. And although it’s not a free cell phone spy or a phone locator free, Auto Forward’s powerful features stand head and shoulders above other cell phone spies.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Fight Against Identity Theft With Cell Phone Spy Software

Identity theft and similar cyber crimes are still rising—this isn’t something new. Innocent people have been defrauded for decades by imposters, hackers, and criminals who try to steal information that leads to the ultimate goal: another person’s money. If you own something as simple as a debit card, you are a potential victim. Anyone who is using a debit card online or is swiping it at their local retail store should be aware of the pitfalls.

It’s up to the consumer to be savvy about their finances. Check your bank statements every day. Know how much you have and what you’re spending at all times. Sound dramatic? Fox Business states: “Someone became an identity theft victim every 2 seconds.” The report claims that identity theft jumped in 2013:

“In 2012, we had a big spike in new fraud with a high average fraud amount. But in 2013, that was pushed down with criminals shifting into existing card fraud. This shift means we will see more breaches like those that hit Target and Neiman, he adds. And as individuals continue migrating their financial lives online, identity thieves and scammers will focus more attention targeting online banks and payment sites like Paypal.

They will go where the money is. The behavior we exhibit using passwords is exacerbating the issue as well. The more passwords a consumer has for different online accounts, the less likely they are to change them, he says, which is good news for scammers. Consumers with less than 10 online accounts usually use different passwords for each account. But when the amount of online accounts climbs higher to 20, the survey shows people are more likely to use the same password for multiple accounts.”

And in 2014, Javelinstrategy.com reported that 2014 was a year of advances and setbacks in the fight against identity fraud:

“The 2015 Identity Fraud Study, released today by Javelin Strategy & Research revealed that 2014 was a mixed year in the fight against identity fraud, with some advances and some setbacks. The study found that fraudsters stole $16 billion from 12.7 million U.S. consumers last year. With a new identity fraud victim every two seconds, there is still significant risk to consumers, particularly students. Encouragingly, new account fraud – when someone opens an account in your name that you are not aware of – hit a record low in 2014, but continues to be one on the most damaging types of fraud. Data breaches were a big headline in 2014, and they had a significant impact on identity fraud. The study found that two-thirds of identity fraud victims in 2014 had previously received a data breach notification in the same year, with many indicating their wariness about shopping at merchants, including big box retailers.”

Many companies these days are fighting against a massive data breach. But what about on an individual level? Can you actually gain a level of protection by using a spy app on a cell phone? The answer is a resounding yes.

How? A cell phone spy software like Highster Mobile can help stop identity theft that can be the first alert before the bank calls. Say you’re a parent of a teen. This spy app can easily be installed on a target phone. Say this teen starts using her mobile device to start buying textbooks, clothes, food and more. The convenience of apps makes it easy to just swipe, or tap, and go, and most teens will take advantage of that convenience. Now a parent can track a teen’s spending habits by tracking her location. Suddenly that parent sees a spike in expenses. Where is it coming from? Does she still have the phone in hand, or did someone steal it? Highster Mobile spy software can be the modern answer you need. Time to have a talk with that teen, and then call the bank.

The modern technological advances of today come with the greatest conveniences, but we open ourselves up to more fraud than ever before. A cell phone monitoring software, when used wisely, can help any citizen fight against it.

Finally, if you’re looking for a free cell phone tracking software or need to know how to track cell phone location free, please note that Highster Mobile provides powerful features and live customer service that a free cell phone spy app doesn’t offer.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Gift of Safety

When the crisp air hits and the cold weather arrives, most Americans start thinking about the December holidays. It’s an annual American tradition for any person to buy into consumerism and look for the perfect gifts for the ones they love. Parents will start looking at toys in October. Women start drooling over jewelry. There’s a perfect gift for everyone, at any price, and with any taste! Are you a cook? Do you fish? Do you love to work out? Gifts galore abound. There’s a shopping app for every taste. And of course, everyone loves electronics! Cell phones are hugely popular gift every year.

So after all those traditional gifts are researched, bought and wrapped with a pretty bow, what kind of gift can you give yourself? What about one that will last well beyond December 25th? If you’re not tech-minded but are looking for free spy apps on the market, you might shy away from a cell phone spy app thinking that it’s too difficult to install, or you won’t be able to use the user panel to see the activity. Or that you won’t be able to track a phone number free. Not so. Auto Forward is a truly simple three-step process: download, install and monitor.

Auto Forward is a powerful cell phone monitoring app that anyone can install. It only takes two to three minutes to install on a target phone. Once installed, the application extracts any information from the cell phone for your viewing: social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), photos, videos, text messages (even the deleted ones), stealth camera, GPS location and much more. And the application is not only robust, but it’s affordable. It doesn’t come with costly monthly subscription fees, and the software never expires. You can install the software, remove it, and then install it again when you need it.

You might be wondering, why track a cell phone location? How is that a gift to myself? Say you’ve purchased that great new iPhone 6 for your son. Now it’s January and you never see him! Why? What is he up to? If his mood and personality suddenly changes, there could be more reasons than just the cold weather. Wouldn’t you like to know what he’s doing? If he’s texting all day and all night long, if he’s dating someone you don’t approve of, if he disappears in the middle of the night, it’s important that you intervene as soon as possible. Auto Forward is the app you need to monitor a cell phone.

Can you really afford NOT to purchase it in these modern times? Say you hear from a friend that your daughter got into a heated Facebook confrontation. It started out as a disagreement, and then it escalated into cyber bullying. Wouldn’t you want to know?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Reasons To Buy A Cell Phone Spy

The online world a dangerous place—full of dangerous people like hackers, haters, scammers, stalkers, perverts and pedophiles. It’s a world that we carry with us everywhere. So how can we protect the ones we love from those who want to hurt us? And how can we trust that those who we give with devices to won’t misuse them? Installing spyware for iphone software that allows you to spy on text messages, track social media activity, access browsing history, view call logs and more is a good place to start.

There are so many reasons to put a cell phone tracking system on a phone. If you are a parent, you might do it to make sure your child isn’t viewing any inappropriate material or communicating with someone they shouldn’t be. If you own a business, you might do it in order to insure that your employees aren’t abusing the devices you’ve given them.

Whatever your reasons are, you should make sure that you purchase the best software possible. Lots of people researching these products want to spy on cell phone without having the phone. They scour the internet using key words like spy gadgets for spy phones or how to spy on a cell phone for free, but keep coming up empty-handed or with disappointing results. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it searching aimlessly for quick-fix keywords. Just go and purchase a quality mobile spy app like Highster Mobile iphone spy. This app does everything you need them to do and so much more.

With each of these handy products, you can track another device’s whereabouts, view its pictures and videos, and spy on text messages. Discretely monitor the user’s browser history, listen in on phone calls and view their social media activity. Best of all, this app comes at a very low price and is simple to use and easy to install. It even has phone gps tracker built in. You’ll be up and running in minutes and no one will be the wiser.

There are so many spyware apps in the market that allow you to monitor social media, spy on text messages and record phone calls that it’s difficult to choose which is right for you and your family or your business. But if you are looking to protect your children from online bullies, obscene websites, sexual predators, or from making bad decisions then give Highster Mobile a chance. And if you want to keep a watchful eye on any or all employees who may be using your entrusted smartphones as their own personal toys then you can’t go wrong with either of these top-notch products.

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Super Hero Cell Phone Spy App

You may have noticed that the last 20 years have seen an influx of superheroes in the world today. Well, not in the world itself but in the entertainment that fills the world. Movies, television, magazines, toys and video games all seem to be about men and women in colorful tights—or muted leather. And they’re all available almost all the time—right in the palm of your hand!

Today’s smartphone delivers HD quality videos and games with no lag or corruption at a blistering rate of play—satisfying every hero-worshipping phone owner to their fullest. These devices allow users to view video, play games and interact on social media 24-7. Some people practically live on their smartphones, causing their loved ones to try and get them off by installing phone spy app or spy devices for cell phones on the over-used machines. But not everyone needs to learn how to spy on a cell phone, they just need to understand the “my spy” user.

From the Avengers to Superman to Batman and Spider-Man, people are getting their fill of superheroes thanks to the advent and advancements of smartphone technology, the internet and video game systems. But why are the superheroes so big? What’s the secret to their longevity? Well, the big reason is boys. It’s no secret these creations appeal to many a young boy—or young-boy-turned-man—because they were created by young men many years ago. One of those men was the venerable Stan Lee. The creator of many of Marvel comics’ biggest names in superheroes, Stan the Man recently sat down with Fortune magazine to discuss his creations and their place in the digital world and tells he us why video games are bigger than movies or television.

Known for his upbeat attitude, the 92-year-old father of Iron Man, Spider-Man, the X-Men and Fantastic Four has been actively involved in the lives of superheroes for most of his own life. After years with Marvel, the likeable Lee has gone on to co-found POW! Entertainment, oversee his own L.A. convention: Stan Lee’s Comickaze, mentor aspiring comic book creators with his YouTube channel: Stan Lee’s World of Superheroes and make cameos in all of the Marvel films.

Stan Lee is one of the busiest working men in the comic book industry today. The 92-year-old co-creator of super heroes like Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men has his own annual convention in Los Angeles—Stan Lee’s Comikaze (Oct. 30 – Nov. 1 ). He’s also co-founder and chief creative officer of POW! Entertainment and works with aspiring comic makers through Stan Lee’s World of Superheroes channel on YouTube.

The recent interview with Fortune asked the busy nonagenarian his opinion on superheroes, the movies and the games that inspire kids and keep them coming back for more.

Kids love playing these games,” he stated. “And the characters are so colorful and so unusual that the kids really enjoy playing with them. And then they become interested in the characters and they want to see the movies. Although, most of the people who play the games are already fans. In fact, most every young person is a fan by now.”

He goes on to say, “People love playing video games. It’s not just watching entertainment, but you’re part of the entertainment. People love to be doing things.”

“Fans are now becoming their own comic book writers and creators, and I think that’s wonderful.” But if you're a worried parent trying to keep the fandom to a minimum, consider Auto Forward cell phone spy.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Step by Step Guide For Using Text Message Tracker

Tracking texts from a cell phone with sms spy that is not yours may sound a tad complex, but it is not. With apt tracking software such as hyster, you can be sure that you have the best spy software for cell phones. Thankfully, Highster Mobile is quite efficient and it is compatible with all Android phones.
Always consider the phone’s operating system as well as the compatibility with the text message tracker. Obsolete phones such as Nokia 3310 are hardly capable of running applications because they are not compatible with the current applications. Older versions can only cooperate when you are using hardware-based tracker, which is a chip. Note that this is usually illegal. Some of the Operating Systems that are compatible with hyster include; Blackberry, Symbian, iOS, Windows and Android.
With remote monitoring software to spy on cell phone, you can track text messages from wherever you are without being in contact with the target phone. Thanks to the secure online server, you will be served with all the texts, contacts and delivery time of the sent and received texts.
How It Works
For you to successfully install the text message tracker successfully, you will need to understand how the target phone operates. This can be hard, but the good thing is that you can actually monitor a phone without accessing it. Forget the Highster mobile scam reviews that you read online because they are just that… scam, without much of truth in them. All that you need to start monitoring cell phone is that they be the Internet enabled, and that seems to be the trend with every smartphone today.

Do you need to locate a phone? Text message spy can help. For you to successfully install text message tracker, the target phone must be the Internet enabled. This makes it easier for the online server to gather the necessary information and provide you with detailed records. With all these factors intact, you are now ready to use the text tracker. Here are some sure steps towards tracking text messages from another phone:
1.      Download the text message tracker
2.      Check email and get the link that you will need to transfer to the target phone
3.      Connect the phone to a PC that is the Internet enabled. Alternatively, you could turn on the Wi-Fi or use the phone’s web and install.
4.      Transfer the text spy app to the target phone, run and monitor
5.      From there, the text messages received or sent will be sent to you via a secure online server.
6.      In some instances, (upgraded versions), you can access more than just texts. You will be able to track email address, call logs, sent and received texts and so on.
iOS Devices
These devices include iPads and iPhones. In order to successfully track iOS enabled devices, you must download ‘Jailbreaking’, which is compulsory. This makes it easier for you to free the target device from impositions that restrict these devices from accepting third party applications. Failure to this, you will not be in a position to download anything that has not been approved by Apple such as text message tracker.
Android Devices

If you wish to track messages from an Android Device, you might have to download ‘rooting’ in order to gain permission to alter and install alien apps.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

When You Can Spy On Text Messages Without Being Detected

Did you know you can monitor cell phone activity without anyone knowing about it? A curious spouse can spy on spouse’s cell phone without their partner knowing it.  This is something many people want to do but wonder how they can without the owner of the cell phone knowing it.

Now there is special software that lets you remotely monitor communications without detection; cell phone spyware or cell phone monitoring.  In short, you can spy on someone’s device and get notified of incoming and outgoing messages. There are a variety of reasons why people invest in this software, including the powerful features that are offered, like GPS phone locator and stealth camera.

It Is Easy to Set Up and Install

Is it really possible to be able to know how to spy on someone? Whether you use a free or paid option installing software should be simple.  Consumers may not realize how easy it is to get this software downloaded and ready for use. There is a level of complexity with the software because it is capable of doing so much when it comes to cell phone spying. But, the products are made with people in mind so when they are designed, they are made with simple instruction you can follow. In many cases all you have to do is just download the content and follow onscreen instruction.  Some software options may have a tutorial or detailed instruction guide with illustrations to help you get started.

Know When Messages are Sent and Received

You can learn about messages occurring on the phone without being detected.  This is thanks to remote monitoring or the aspect of being able to view cell phone activity without others knowing it.  There are software options that let you choose how to access this information and how you can retrieve and save it for review at another time.  When you review this information you can learn all kinds of details related to the conversation.  You can view details such as phone number, email address, photos, and more. 

Spouses Can Really Learn What is Going On

One aspect of cell phone spying is to be able to detect what someone else is doing on their device.  This is an important element for a spouse who suspects their partner of cheating or seeing someone else.  This could even lead to other secrets you didn’t know about.  A spouse with interest to know what is going on in their marriage will find this software options very helpful to check text messages.

Spyware is Not Just for Curious Spouses

There are other situations in which people may want to learn how to spy on cell phones. Parents tracking cell phone use of teenagers or young children can use information they learn through spying to determine changes they need to enforce.  Business owners can use the software to make sure their employee is doing their work like they are supposed to instead of playing around with their cell phone and wasting company time. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Do You Need to Track Your Spouse’s Phone?

How often do you imagine sticking a few electrodes in your spouse’s head and be able to keep track of every move they make? Just imagine you spying on your spouse. Imagine the degree of peace you will feel knowing there are literally no secrets between you and your spouse.

Many of us consider such thoughts to be wrong, and frankly for good reason too. Everyone is entitled to their privacy, but the real question is to what end? As humans, we all have our list of insecurities and vulnerabilities. How does one fight our own insecurities? Should we even fight our own vulnerabilities? Or is it our significant other’s duty to ensure that we feel completely at ease and safe knowing we can trust the person we are supposed to trust the most.

Technology has really changed the world in many ways, there were times when people would head to crooked hat private eyes, or a receipt in the pocket would spill the beans. Now everyone carries a mobile phone and every one of these phones have built in GPS tracking systems. Aside from that, the need to spy on spouse or its demand has led to the development of phone tracking app and software that allow one to keep a track on each other’s online and phone activities.

Espionage isn’t something that is restricted to governments and intelligence agencies. It is increasingly being made available to the common user such as you and me. Such software are getting more sophisticated by the day and allow us to ease any of our insecurities by spying on your spouse.

Mobile Surveillance

Mobile surveillance or spying has become quite easy nowadays, and the credit goes to technology. Tracking your spouse’s activities through tracking their movements, monitoring their conversations, and text messages is a possibility that literally anyone can afford now.
Mobile spying software is monitoring software that needs to be installed on the mobile device that is intended to be monitored. It enables a person to monitor and even record conversations and incoming and outgoing text messages from a remote location.

Prevailing Trends

According to a research carried out by Prudential, one out of every seven couples involved in long term relationships tend to keep their earnings secret from their spouses. Most just keep it a secret, but a lot even go to the extent to purposefully lie about how much they make. This isn’t indicative of unfaithfulness between couples as most do so to treat themselves from time to time. A lot even claim that they keep money aside in the fear of a divorce. So even if the act is justified in some ways, it gives more than enough reason for the other spouse to be suspicious and feel the need to snoop in their other half’s hidden life, or in this case, use an app to spy on spouse.

Such a change in attitude towards such activities are proof how a lot of couples even monitor each other’s mobile phones, that too with each other’s consent. People who generally are the biggest advocates of privacy are those with something to hide. Otherwise, most people simply don’t care and if their spouse knows where they are at a given moment, it is fine with them. Instead of spying on spouse, they would have just called to ask and the end result would have been the same.

Now that such apps for spying are available and distance is not a factor anymore, what happens in Vegas now doesn’t exactly stay in Vegas, rather it is reported directly to your spouse. Such acts though pose a moral dilemma, at the same time they also enforces sanctions for those who would otherwise use the freedom and trust for their own selfish tendencies.

In such cases, spying on your spouse in a way empowers you and allows
 you to take the trajectory of your life in your hands, and stop people from causing you pain for their own selfish reasons. Since a lot of our interactions have moved on to online platforms, these apps not only track mobile activities but also track other popular instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp or Facebook chat.

This is a positive trend that is being seen but still a lot of people who opt for these services come out due to a sense of necessity to spy on wife. Opting for such a spyphone service feels like a necessity when experiencing distress, frustration, and pain. That is why it is always better to go down the route of prevention rather than experiencing those negative feelings and emotions.

Since the app is downloaded onto the handset and is not associated with the carrier, even changing of the sim cards does not really interrupt the service. As many people tend to keep secret phone numbers, most still use the same phones so the service still works perfectly in such a situation.

A Moral Justice

One of the most significant an iPhone tracking app can do is that they help those women stuck in abusive and even arranged marriages. These women are bound to their spouse or his family, whereas the husband is continuing on with his life outside the marriage. The problem in such situations is that women have no voice in such a situation. However, with such an app, they can get irrefutable proof of infidelity, which they can use as evidence and get support from the family.

However, that is as far as the app will help you, at least for now, because such insights will most likely be inadmissible in a court of law. But at the same time, text messages and messaging on social online platforms are not subject to similar laws and can be used in court for divorce cases. And as demographic trends change, the law will follow. Law was born out of necessity and as necessities change, so will the law.

But for you the app offers you a way to take back control of your life, the control that was taken from you and if you are experiencing stress due to your spouse, this is the perfect way to get some peace of mind. Remember that only you are in control of your life and the actions you take define the trajectory of your life and your experiences.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Help Children Stay Out of Trouble with Spyware for Cell Phones

Children and teens nowadays use cell phones to commit actions that could get them in trouble. Because of this more parents are using spy cell phone tracking to text spy, and to learn exactly what their child is up to while using mobile devices.  Parents shouldn’t be in the dark when it comes to knowing who their child hangs out.  Parents can take a more active role with this software option by being able to follow and monitory cell phone use and learn about potentially menacing ideas before they come to pass.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering this type of software to help kids stay out of trouble.

Use Software Proven to Be Helpful by Other Parents

One aspect to consider is software options other parents use or give good ratings. There are parents who have had a variety of reasons why they use this software and it can be helpful for anyone in the market who wants to purchase it.  You can learn about experiences other parents had with their software and overall, how they are using it for their situation.  You may also learn about options parents gave poor ratings for and why.

What Are Things Parents Should Know about Teen Cell Phone Use

Many parents learn interesting details through cell phone spy software reviews on how other parents are using the software. Parents may not know everything when it comes to their child and how they use their device.  Parents may be aware of certain dangers associated but children and teens may not see things the same way.  Parents need to be aware of activity conducted on their phones. They should know who their child is sharing information with and which websites their child visits.

Can Spying Be Done for Free?

Many people want to know if you can really look at cell phone activity without paying anything.  You can take the device itself and look through it but it may not be able to tell you content that was deleted or removed. Spyware options you pay a small investment for may offer this feature.  You can learn about free options available but some may offer limited security and it may not be able to do certain features you are looking for.  If you are want to spy on your child’s phone for free you may want to consider discussing with them how they use their phone and mention you will monitor their activity manually.

Is it possible to learn how to spy on a cell phone for free online?

Consumers can find a vast amount of information free online about how to monitor a cell phone, including an iPhone spy app, without being detected. Beware of products that offer free text or monitoring programs – those types of cell phone spies don’t have the full powerful functionality that Highster Mobile has.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Can Your Cell Phone Be Used As A Private Detective?

In the past, you needed the services of a private detective to spy on someone and to monitor and record their every move. Nowadays, technology has advanced at a rapid rate and has provided a solution to almost every problem. Even the average person can learn how to track a cell phone location with spyware for cell phones.

There are a number of apps with multiple functions that are available in the market. Cell phone spy software and apps are some of those ingenious gifts of science and technological advancement which can act as our own personal private investigators. They are easy to buy, use and install without breaking the bank.

Spy Software as Effective Business Tools

There are countless spy software manufacturing companies. These software are not just for cheating spouses and irresponsible children, but can also be used as valuable business tools. They can be used to keep an eye on your employees and to detect any unethical business practices and corporate spying. They can be used to protect the interests of the company too. This will save time as well as money. Spy software further has the ability to track thousands of employees, a feat that is impossible for any hired private detective.
There can be several questions regarding the issue of using spy software as a private detective. All of these questions are comprehensibly answered below:

Q#1: What Is The Best Cell Phone Spy App For My Phone?

It depends on your need and usage. What is your intention for using the app? Do you just want answers or are you more interested in taking legal actions over the data accumulated from the spy software?

Q#2: How Can I Install Spy Software On Their Cell Phones?

Every cell phone spy software or app has a different set of instructions in a user manual that comes with the software when you buy it. Follow the instructions. They are usually very straightforward and easy.

Q#3: How To Spy On A Cell Phone If I Can’t Install The Software?

Remote installation can be used to install the spy app or cell phone spy software on a phone which you cannot access. There are several online guides that provide step by step instruction on how to remotely install a cell phone spy app or software.

Q#4: Can Cell Phone Spy Software Be Used For Business?

The spy software were not just manufactured to spy on your cheating spouse or a disgruntled family member. They can be used as an effective business tool too. Many companies provide their employees with company-owned cell phones as well. Legally, these cell phones belong to the company and can be used to spy on your employees without any legal repercussions. Businesses that value their secrecy can use this as a smart tool for tracking their employee’s behavior and whereabouts at all times.

Q#5: How Do I Track Someone Who Stole My Phone?

That is one of the greatest service that cell phone spy software can provide. There are several features available in spy software and apps that pinpoint the location of your phone by using GPS locators and can automatically alert the police. This can help you recover your phone without difficulty and delay.

These questions can help you to use your phone as a private investigator when the need arises. If you have any more questions about the matter, make sure to do your research. A spymobile product like Highster Mobile cell phone spy can be just the answer you need.