Thursday, August 6, 2015

How Cell Phone Monitoring Keeps Private Data Private (And How Spy Text Messages Can Help)

It only takes one careless, ignorant or disgruntled employee to leak confidential information to unauthorized sources, which could result in hefty court fines, or worse. Since almost everyone has a cell phone these days that can record audio, take pictures, record video or download and receive files, the opportunity for a data breach in a company is very serious, and very real. Organizations like medical offices and banks collect very private information that can’t get out to just anyone, and having the ability to spy on text messages, emails, multimedia files, social media activity and call logs.

A business only succeeds if it has an edge over its competition. By tracking who employees are talking to, emailing and communicating with on a daily basis, employers can make sure that their information is not being shared with their competitors. If employees are sharing procedures, customer data and other private information with the competition for whatever reason, it could mean big trouble for you. They could do this via email, phone calls, social media or a variety of other ways. Thankfully, Auto Forward can access all of these forms of communication to make sure your companies’ hard work and personal benefits you, and not the competitors.

Another important reason to monitor employee cell phone usage is to ensure customer information stays private. If customer information is leaked, chances are they won’t be customers for long. People often find it hard to trust a company that has compromised their personal information, so is vital for employers to keep an eye on information that is going to and from employee target devices.

When you consider the cost of Auto Forward, compared with the mounting costs of legal fees that could come with a data breach, it’s obvious that downloading Auto Forward is the best option to keep your business in business. It is a quick, affordable and convenient way to protect your clients, employees and company data.

Downloading software that enables you to spy on text messages is invisible to the user of the target phone. The program is totally undetectable and even the most “technologically savvy” users won’t know it is there. This allows employers to track the natural and uninhibited activity of their employees, and may produce results that employers would never have received without an inside look into the target phone.  Confronting an employee about inappropriate texts, emails and social media usage on a company phone, during company time can be awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved, however facing angry customers and legal fines and court dates is a lot worse.

Auto Forward doesn’t just spy on text messages. It can retrieve deleted emails, view the contact list and call log on the target device (why is your competitor’s phone number in your employee’s phone? And why have they been talking daily?) and many other useful features that can help prevent a major problem for the company.

Employers have to do what is best for their company and for their clients/customers. Unfortunately, not all employees share the same vision and values. Monitoring their cell phone activity is a smart way to ensure you have smart and trustworthy employees working for you.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Your Child’s Safety Is In Your Hands

In today’s fast paced and interconnected world, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep up with who your children are associating with. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, and a litany of other social media sites allow your children unprecedented access to millions of people, some of whom may wish them harm. Some parents may lie awake at night, worrying about who their children are talking to online, but you don’t have to.

With Auto Forward you can monitor all activity on all Facebook, Twitter and all other social media outlets and make sure your children are only talking to appropriate people. You can guarantee, sadly, that any place where children congregate, be it a school, a playground, or a park, there will also be predators and those who wish to bring harm to those children there.

The same is unfortunately equally true for online hangouts like Facebook and dating apps like Tinder. Snapchat poses a different threat in that a surprising number of children and young teens view it as a “no consequence” way to send nude pictures of themselves to other people, some of whom may be child predators posing as fellow young people.

These predators are savvy enough to operate anonymously and careful enough not to do anything to tip off your child that they aren’t who they claim to be. With other text message spy apps, you can’t see anything but text logs. With Auto Forward you can view your child’s social media accounts and all their activity on each one so that you can stop those predators before they can do any harm to your child. If you’re looking for an application that only allows you to spy on text messages, then you’re going to miss out on guarding your children from literally millions of potential predators.

Facebook has a user base larger than the population of the United States and most of Europe combined, to the tune of 1.4 billion. That many people have potential access to your child every time they go online. Instagram, Twitter, and all the other sites that crop up almost every day just add to that number. Instagram in particular can be a haven for potential predators. Innocent pictures that often include location information can be used by a tech-savvy child predator to find all sorts of information about your children.

Auto Forward allows you to cut out contact with these people and keep your child safe. You don’t have to ask for your child’s phone or tablet anymore. You can now simply open an app on your tablet or smartphone and view your child’s activity and insure that they are as safe as possible. We all love our kids, but we all get frustrated with our kids from time to time too, and this application insures that you don’t have to have the same argument with your kids about their phones.