Friday, July 29, 2016


A 19-year old Long Island nanny was arrested the other day for trying to drive away from the beach with four children in her car. If not for the brave heroics of another mother, she may have gotten away … and killed them all. Sound Beach babysit...

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Use a Mobile Monitoring App to Protect your Happy Camper

Is your son going on a camping trip without you? Are you a little worried about his well-being while he’s away? Then you should do yourself a favor—if you haven’t done it already—and install a mobile monitoring app on his smartphone ASAP. ...

Monday, July 25, 2016


So your teen is addicted to the new summer craze, playing Pokemon Go, and they’re itching to get outside every free moment of the day, but you don’t want them to. Why? Because you’ve heard all about the insane things that have been happening all over the nation in conjunction with the app.

In the few short weeks since the Pokemon Go app was released, there have been countless accidents and crimes because of it. Thieves use the location of Pokemon critters to trap game players and rob them of their phones and cash. People are driving their cars into things because they are so busy looking for Pokemon along the roads they travel. Poke hunters are discovering dead bodies in bushes and floating in rivers as they pursue their Poke prey. And others are just walking into trees, poles, traffic, other people and even off cliffs!

It’s crazy! Who would have ever thought that a game played on a cell phone could cause so much chaos? Well, now that you know, you’re afraid to let your kid out of your sight. But they want to play so bad! So what can you do? Well sure, you can accompany them everywhere they want to go and every time they’re ready, but the truth is that you don’t want to … because you’re an adult. You have grown-up things to do. You have a life. So here’s what you should do. You should install a mobile spy app on their phone so that you can monitor them from afar.

There are a lot of ways on how to detect spyware on iPhone out there and it’s hard to pick which one actually works. Good ones shouldn’t cost a lot. They should be easy to install and not very difficult to use. What makes a top spy app so invaluable is that it can give you complete access to the phone you put it on. Once installed, you can see where that user is going by activating the GPS locator. You can also see the user’s surroundings and listen in by turning on the phone’s camera and microphone—super handy when you want to make sure that your kids is in a safe environment.

I put an app called Highster Mobile on my 14-year-old son’s phone several months ago because I was concerned about what he was seeing and doing on his phone. I didn’t want him watching hardcore porn or looking at stuff that he shouldn’t be looking at. And I wanted to see exactly what he posted on his social media accounts. I also wanted to make sure that no scammers or perverts or bullies were trying to get at him. Most of what I found was okay. I don’t check his phone a lot. I don’t want to be that kind of mother, but I do look in every so often.

Now, I’m using the phone to make sure he doesn’t stumble into a den of thieves or walk into traffic while prowling around for Pokemon. Granted, there’s nothing I’ll be able to do for him at that moment, but at least I’ll know. It’s a fact that I can’t always be there for him physically, but with this best find my phone app, at least I won’t be left in the dark.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

When Our Son Had a Restraining Order Put On Him

Our son is only seventeen. But after some events I don’t want to get into happened, one of my son’s ex-girlfriends put a restraining order. I love my son but sometimes it’s difficult managing him. And I could never be sure my son was following his restraining order, at least until I discovered the wonders of cell phone monitoring software.

Our son isn’t a monster but we’re concerned about his past behavior. I really couldn’t be happier to have discovered cell phone monitoring software. It’s a way for us to make sure he’s avoiding his past mistakes and keep an eye on him. And isn’t that what every parent wants? I never have to worry about whether I can protect my son or keep him from hurting others.

Why I Use It

How to see someones text messages for free with a one-time subscription? My son has a restraining order and along with his anger management issues, it’s important to be able to keep an eye on him even when I physically can’t be around to keep him in line. Cell phone monitoring software lets me do this without having to wonder and worry about what he’s doing or if he’s violating his restraining order.

My son is not on parole, although he’s close to that point. How to see someones texts is a less intrusive way of keeping an eye on my son without having to resort to an ankle monitor. In a matter of seconds, I can see his GPS location, all the texts and messages he’s ever sent and more.

That way, in case I see something that makes me worry or wonder what he’s up to, I can act quickly. Say he’s out with his friends. If I notice that he’s close to his ex-girlfriend’s house, I can call him or find him and make sure he’s staying on good behavior.

Making sure my son is safe isn’t always an easy process. We’ve been under a lot of stress to keep him calm and in line. But cell phone monitoring software is a way for me to do this without losing sleep or another hair.

I want my son to be able to be independent again. And I have to say, having cell phone monitoring software is a good trade-off. I can make sure he’s still getting to therapy appointments, staying on good behavior, and obeying his restraining order without breathing down his neck. And he gets to have some independence again. He’s learning how to behave and manage his anger. Cell phone monitoring software allows me to step back without giving up the tools to keep him safe.

And I know I’m not the only parent in his boat. It can be so hard finding support when your child has a criminal record or a restraining order. I don’t tend to tell a lot of people what’s going on with my family and my son. The shame can be a heavy burden to bear but learning how to see who someones is texting for free with a one time subscription , at the very least, helps me feel a little less alone.

If you’re a parent in the same situation, please, give cell phone monitoring software your consideration. If your child has a criminal record or a restraining order on them, having peace of mind can be priceless. It just may be the best thing you’ve ever bought or done before.

Our son is changing for the better thanks to the influence of cell phone monitoring software. He’s been on good behavior, he’s going to therapy, and he’s managing his anger. And for that alone, cell phone monitoring software has been more than worth it. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

DDI Utilities Review - Data Backup and Recovery

DDI Utilities has been one of the top Backup and Recovery Software Programs for years, helping almost one million users. I purchased the software because the last time Apple came out with a new software update, I lost all of the content on my phone. ...

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What Parents Should Know Before Buying Cell Phone Spying Software

Every parent or guardian wants the best for kids. However, in a society where all sorts of dangers come targeting the kids and destroying their lives, the parent must be willing to take an extra mile to keep them safe. Indeed, some kids might be even more advanced and understand more than their parents on various aspects. To keep them safe, the surest way is getting appropriate cell phone spy software. It not only notifies you when kids are accessing bad content or moving to a danger zone but also gives you absolute control over the cell phone.
To get the see text messages spy software, it is important to know the following.
(1)   Establish issues of  concern for your kid
"How to see text messages on another phone?" One important thing that every parent should understand is that every kid is unique. Because of this uniqueness, issues and troubles are also unique and can only be addressed by understanding them. Many cell phone spy software come with varying apps and tools to monitor and address different issues. It is, therefore, not ideal to go for a cell phone spy software because a close friend got the same and it worked well.
  • Take time following the kid’s behaviors to know what are the main interests and areas that he/she is likely to get into trouble. For example, kids who love partying may easily fall into the hands of predators while others love reading love magazines might get drawn to adult content.
  • Move a step higher and select the software that has features to address the problem of concern. If your kid loves browsing at night, you can look for software that will help you block online content at night. You can also look for cell phone spy software that has multiple functions to address most of the issues with kids. A good example for consideration is the Auto Forward Spy that makes it easy to follow the kid, read through messages, and block various activities remotely.
(2)   Cell phone spy software costs 
You might want to learn how to see text messages from another phone free, however learning how to do so with a one-time subscription will benefit you more. The price of different mobile spying software in the market varies a lot depending on design and features. You need to understand what is more affordable but highly effective. One method of doing this is going through reviews of top spy apps to establish how well they fit into your budget. Make sure to consider using software with a single price tag like Auto Forward Spy so that you are not bogged with regular monthly subscriptions.
(3)   Ease of using the spy software
Every parent who wants to monitor kids would like to do it without getting a lot of interruptions.  The best software to buy should make it easy to use with direct notifications on phone so that the parent can know when a kid moves from a restricted area, accesses banned content or uses the phone at night. Go through reviews and read feedbacks from past users to understand their sentiments. Besides, check for software that has a trial session to help you test ease of using all aspects.
(4)   Limits of the spy software
The strength of various spy software varies a lot. Some can only work when the child is just a few hundred feet away while others will operate perfectly even when you are hundreds of miles apart. Establish the access limit you want and buy the respective software. However, the best recommendation is versatile spy software that can operate efficiently irrespective of distance. This will keep you in full control of your kid even when visiting a different state.
Because of the ever rising threats that kids face in the world today, it is important to get the right spy software that can tell you where they are and what they are doing all the time. By understanding the outlined 4 things, you are sure of getting the best cell phone spy software to help in keeping your kids more secure.

Monday, July 11, 2016

How Monitoring Software Saved My Company

Cell phone tracking apps tends to get a bad rap. Oftentimes, people think of it as a way for parents to spy on their kids. But as it turns out, cell phone monitoring software isn’t just for Junior’s parents to check on his texts and Facebook messages.

As a business owner, cell phone monitoring software actually helped save my bottom line. Installing monitoring software on the phones I provided my employees with was honestly one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Here’s how cell phone monitoring software helped save my company and improve my company morale.

Providing Cell Phones

I made the decision to provide my employees with company cell phones early on. Time and time again, my employees would miss texts or calls from the office. Employees would be forced to be used their personal cell phones on the clock in order to message me or someone else from the office and the temptation was always high for my employees to slack off while they were supposed to be on the job thanks to having easy access to their personal phones.

But I knew this didn’t have to be the case. Inspired by one of my friends and his own business, I decided to provide my own employees with company cell phones. And I can say that it made a difference almost immediately.

Even though I didn’t install a spy phone tracker at first (but we’ll get to that), providing my employees with company phones made things a lot easier. Now my employees could quickly call and text the office and co-workers in a matter of minutes without having to drag out their personal phone. My employees loved being able to keep their work and personal lives separate and they became more productive almost immediately and I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that they didn’t have their personal cell phones, with games and social media, to tempt and distract them.

But providing my employees with company cell phones was only the first step. The next step was to provide them with an i spy app monitoring software so I could hold my employees accountable and make sure my company cell phones were being used responsibly.

Monitoring Software and Why I Love It

While my employees earn money for me, company cell phones were my own investment. And like a company car or our office computers, it’s important to make sure I have a way to protect my own investment. You wouldn’t let your employees use your computers without having monitoring software on them so why on earth would you let them use your phone?

I use monitoring software to hold my employees accountable. Are they using their company phones for personal business? Are the phones being used illegally? It’s my job to make sure that my employees are always putting their best face forward when on the clock and cell phone monitoring software helps me do just that.

I can check on emails, texts, and Internet browsing activity to make sure my employees are following guidelines. And while my employees don’t have to travel on the job, I have the option of checking on their GPS location which I’m sure will come in handy for employers who have to send their employees out for deliveries or travel.

So in short, cell phone monitoring software helps me make sure my employees are using their company phones responsibly. And I really couldn’t ask for a better system. My employees are more productive and it’s easier for me to hold my employees accountable now. Really, if you’re a business owner, consider looking into company cell phones. You’ll be glad you did.

Friday, July 8, 2016

How Cell Phone Monitoring Software Saved My Sanity

The modern world is super stressful, let’s not kid ourselves. I have two boys, I’m a single mom, and I’m always having to worry about what my boys are going to get into next. It’s hard enough worrying about your child when you don’t also have technology to worry about.

And don’t think I’m a luddite. I love technology. I have a smart phone, a tablet, a Mac, and my boys have an Xbox. But there’s no denying that the Internet can sometimes be a scary, dangerous place, especially when your children are under the age of 18. My eldest boy is 11. My youngest is 8. Installing cell phone monitoring software on their phones and tablets was actually the best thing I ever did. Here’s how it’s saved my sanity.

I Never Have to Guess What My Kids Are Up To

One of the most anxiety inducing parts of parenting has to be wondering just what your kids are up to. When my kids were younger, you always wondered what they were doing in their rooms when they got quiet (it usually involved them trying to paint their walls with the water color set they got from grandma for Christmas and roping the cat into their schemes). As they get older, you know you can usually leave them alone for a while at home but that anxiety is still there, especially as they start testing the limits of the world around them.

I’m a school counselor. I know what kinds of troubles kids get up to these days. And that’s why I was quick to jump on the cell phone monitoring bandwagon. I had heard horror stories- gangs roaming around for young recruits in my area. Drugs being passed around the school district. Attempted kidnappings. I want my boys to feel independent but at the same time, I also want to make sure I can do what I can to protect them from the dangers of the world around them.

And like I said earlier, I’m a single mom. I don’t have another pair of eyes in the house to mind my kids beyond, sometimes, the babysitter, my sister, or my parents when I need someone to watch the kids. But I don’t have a spouse living with me who knows my boys as well as I do.

"How to see someones text messages?" Cell phone monitoring software helps me fill that gap. I can keep tabs on my 11-year-old without being intrusive. He might be young but I gave him his own smart phone so I could make sure he had an easy way to communicate with me when he was out of school or if he’s out with his friends.

"How to see text messages?" Cell phone monitoring software allows me to make sure he’s using his phone safely and securely. I never have to worry about whether or not my 11-year-old is running amok or downloading inappropriate apps. So learning how to see texts from another phone, I can make sure he’s texting and calling his friends responsibly and he’s not out doing anything I have to worry about.

When my eight-year-old gets older, I fully plan on giving him his own cell phone so I can install monitoring software. Even though my kids, so far, haven’t done anything dangerous or questionable yet, I thank the developers of cell phone monitoring software for helping me keep an eye on my kids. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Worried about what your kids are up to? I recommend you give it a shot. You never know what you’ll save your kids from when you have an eye in the sky. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Top 4 Spy Apps For Monitoring and Recording Emails On Kid’s Cell Phone

In the modern world, people prefer to communicate online because it is faster, confidential, and highly reliable. Unlike direct calls, emails are protected with layers of encryption that make access by third parties very difficult. However, this high level of confidentiality when applied by kids can be harmful. They may be communicating with harmful people, receiving bad content, and risking identify-theft. The good thing is that modern spy software utilizes the same high level of encryption to ensure that parents get hold of all the information about their kids. This article is a review of top 4 spy apps for monitoring and recording emails from a kid's cell phone.

#1: Auto Forward Spy
Auto Forward Spy was designed to ensure that every parent gets complete control of the target kid's phone. On emails, the parent gets full access to all the incoming and outgoing emails to understand their content. As the parent goes through the content, he/she can tell what the message was all about. If the content is bad, luring the child into harmful acts, encouraging bad peers, or even involvement in drugs, you have full control.
For unwanted emails, the parent can block them so that the kid does not receive them. The contacts sending the messages can also be monitored and ultimately blocked to help protect the child’s interest. Auto Forward Spy further uses keyword alerts that make it possible to follow messages with harmful keywords and notify you immediately.
The spy app is also great for geo-fencing, call log monitoring and complete access to stored images and videos. The app is easy to install on a target phone and comes with an enthralling support. It was rated number one in the review after comprehensive assessments by experts and users.

#2: Mobile spy
This one-time subscription free sms text spy app was found to be very useful when monitoring and recording emails from a kid’s cell phone. Once installed on the target phone, you are sure to follow every activity taking place on the kid’s phone. It makes it easy to see all the incoming and outgoing emails from the parent’s phone. The user can even set alerts to know when an email is getting in or leaving.
Other monitoring services by Mobile Spy include GPS location log, Live Screen Shots, and calendar events. However, the spy app is a subscription service that requires parents to keep paying after every few months.

#3: Surepoint Spy
This see someones text messages spy app was developed with an utmost focus on driving simplicity. It targeted making following a kid and controlling all activities as easy as possible. Its email and message monitoring feature present the parent with a great thrill. With just a single click on the spy dashboard, you can easily see the history of all the past emails and their content. The app also gives the parent complete control to block what is bad, deny access from some addresses, and source monitoring. While Surepoint Spy can be classified in the same group with Auto Forward, it falls short on support services and other applications. Besides, it is more expensive, and parents are, therefore, sure of getting higher value for money with SurePoint Spy. 

#4: Track My Fone
How to see text messages from another phone? Track My Fone is among the top most useful spy apps especially on emails and online activities. It gives the parent enthralling user control on all incoming and outgoing calls. Besides, the program is very useful for monitoring calls, accessing videos and photos, and GPS tracking. However, its operation is complicated for most users. It is also costlier, and many users indicated they were better off using a different app.

Auto Forward Spy comes out as a great app to monitor all your kid’s activities and taking full control of their activities. Parents are sure of blocking all harmful information getting into the phone to protect the child. The app also provides a wider array of features and regular updates that make it easy to monitor, track, and guide a kid correctly.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Six Tips That Point to A Great Cell Phone Spy Software

When does a parent decide to get cell phone spy tracking apps for iPhone devices, one question that comes to mind is how to pick the best? As more parents come out explaining the difficulties they have with kids, new companies designing new apps to a...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How Highster Mobile Spy Call Log Monitoring And Control Works

If you note that a kid has started behaving strangely, chances are that he/she is being influenced by bad friends. In the modern world, mobile phones are complex computing gadgets that make it easy to search for new friends on social media, share photos, and be part of their community. It is these friendships that later turn out dangerous. However, the top spy on sms messages free with a one-time subscription app makes it easy to monitor and get full control of their phones.
One such feature is call log monitoring used by Highster Mobile Spy to help parents know everything children are involved in. This article is a complete review of how Highster Mobile Spy calls log monitoring and control operates to secure a kid.
Call log monitoring design
The feature is designed using the latest technology that allows the parent to follow the kid’s phone from comfort of the bedroom or office. The feature is added to the spy dashboard so that the parent can get fast access to it when an alert goes off. The target is to make the parent to know about all the people that a kid has been communicating with. With the feature, you see the kid’s real phone interface to even see the numbers being dialed. The call log is able to dig into the stored contacts so that a parent can tell when they were stored and how often they have been dialed or called.
Accessing inbound and outbound calls
How to spy on sms messages? The people who communicate with your child regularly must be in some sort of relationship. Often, these are peers in school, buddies in the neighborhood or even new friends met on social media. With the Highster Mobile Spy, you get complete access to the call logs. Therefore, you can tell whether the conversations are about studies, parties, good things or harmful activities like drugs.  
Control capabilities of this feature
When you note a specific call is leading your child to the wrong activities such as drugs, pornography, or even crime among others, you can block it completely. This denies the caller access to the kid's phone so that their plans are curtailed. Besides, you can also delete the numbers from the phone book and delete all conversations. If the damage had gone too far, you might consider taking legal action against the holder. 
Highster Mobile Spy calls log monitoring and controls are liked by parents because of ease of use and convenience. Besides, they have a policy of progressive improvement that makes them continue working on improvements and releasing them regularly. Make sure to follow the update alerts and install them or set the app for automatic installation.
When your kid meets new friends, she can never know how good or bad they are. Whether it is in parties, online, or through referrals from other friends, you must be careful and protect them from danger. The Highster Mobile gives the parent a great platform to be involved in every activity that the kid gets to. The call logs monitoring and control feature allows the parent get every communication so that friends that threaten to lead your child astray are cut off completely. Remember that to succeed in any effort involving monitoring and controlling kids; everything must be kept as secretive as possible. Even when you cut off suspicious numbers and take the subject with the kid, you should never let them know they are being monitored. Thus allowing you to learn how to spy sms from another phone.