Wednesday, June 29, 2016

When You’re an Apple Convert

Sometimes, not everyone starts out with an Apple. Many of us may have been former Android or even Windows fans, only to later switch gears and switch to an iPhone down the road. There’s nothing wrong with changing gears. But figuring out how to use an iPhone when you’ve never used one before can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you consider all the quirks of its operating system.
            Luckily, it can be done. Here’s what to expect if you’re an Apple convert and how you can get a handle on using it.

The Operating System

            The operating system has to be the biggest difference you’ll see when you switch to an iPhone.
            Unlike an Android or any other kind of phone, the iPhone operating system, known as the iOS, is actually very straight-forward to understand. One of the nice things about the iPhone is that it’s easy for anyone to learn how to use it, no matter how much experience they’ve had with smartphones.
            But this comes with a bit of a downside. You don’t have the same customization features that you do with an Android. It’s hard to change the look of your phone’s layout or cellspy apps. You can’t customize the phone’s features to the same extent that you can customize, say, an Android or any other kind of phone. In order to do this easily, you’ll either have to live without custom widgets or jailbreak your phone.
            But since the iPhone line of phones comes from only one company and there are no third-party phone manufacturers, and you get to learn how to spy on an iPhone, which has a huge advantage for iPhone users. You won’t have to worry about being unable to access the same operating system as another phone. All phones work nicely with the same operating system, making Apple phones a little more secure and versatile no matter what model you’re using.

Features to Look Forward To

            There’s a number of features you’ll be able to look forward to as well.
            For instance, you’ll be able to access iTunes and the entire iPhone media library. No longer will you be restricted to just the Google Play store and Amazon. You’ll have music, audiobooks, podcasts, movies, and more all under one roof.
            Another great feature to look forward to? AirPlay. You’ll have instant two-tap video play without having to download a third party app. You’ll also have a huge, extensive variety of apps, many of which you can’t find on any other operating system. Best of all? No unnecessary programs. You’ll be able to use your phone right out of the box without having to deal with junky, pre-loaded apps, one of the biggest problems Androids have to deal with.
            But one of the best features of owning an iPhone has to be your access to Apple’s extensive array of support features. Between Apple’s own Genius Bar and Apple tech support, you’ll always have access to help whenever you need it, which can be hard to find if you’re an Android owner.


            The adjustment period might not be too long, thanks to Apple’s intuitive layout, and phone spy app free with a one-time subscription, but it still might be a strange change of pace if you were a die-hard Android/Windows user previously.

            Apple might not be for everyone. But people are Apple fans for a reason. Between an intuitive layout, excellent service, and a wide array of handy features, Apple knows how to please a crowd. You’ll be sure to be proud with your new choice. While adjusting to any phone can be a strange process, Apple is a solid choice for any phone user and there’s a lot to love about making the switch. 

Auto Forward Review - iPhone Spy No Jailbreak Needed

Hello, and welcome to my review of Auto Forward iPhone spy no jailbreak needed. Two things I would like to point out before I begin. First, if you are in need of spying on an iPhone and do not have access to that device, Auto Forward is the perfec...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

4 Things That Define The Effectiveness Kid’s Cell Phone Spy Software

When I first got a worry free app to see someones text messages, my thoughts were that all the problems about kids would go away. This was only true to some extent. However, I found that getting the best from cell phone spy software required more than initially anticipated because of the following two things. One, I am in a different field not related to spying or software development. Two, the application was a new thing, and I needed ample time to learn how to use it effectively. To get the best from your spy software, I came up with the following 4 things that define how effective any kid’s cell phone spy software will be.

Selecting the best app to monitor the kid
The most critical thing is selecting the right software to monitor the kid. The market today is awash with a lot of spy apps that are marketed as the best. However, you can only be sure by picking the app that has been used by many people and tested by professionals to guarantee results. After a lot of reviews, I found Auto Forward Spy to be the best because it has diverse applications, it is easy to install, and is cheaper compared to others. Other top software you can also consider includes PhoneSherriff and Flexi Spy. Make sure to think about cost, features, and limitations on monitoring distances.

Utilizing free tutorials
A sure way of understanding the one-time subscription free sms spy is following developers' guides. Most developers know that people need to get acquainted with the apps' features and their applications to be able to use them correctly. Therefore, you need to utilize fully the free tutorials and guides that come with the monitor software. Some tutorials by companies such as PhoneSherrif and Auto Forward Spy are very detailed and can assist you to get started immediately after purchase. You can also refer to them in case you forget how to use a specific feature.   
For software that comes with trial sessions, it is advisable to make use of them to learn and test all features of the app. This is very important because you can opt out if the services are not up to your expectations. You can also seek clarifications and get answers to make the right decision.

Using support facilities optimally
One critical resource that helps users to utilize their one-time subscription of the free sms spy app optimally is support. Developers use support services to help clients understand more about their services or solve issues about the apps. In fact, using the support services makes it easy to learn about the software and understand the commitment to customer satisfaction. Notably, not all cell phone software companies have similar support services. The best ones to go for are those with direct phone lines, chat services, and Skype calls available 24/7.  

Getting all updates as regularly as they are released
While many cell phone spy software developers have the customer at heart and will always sell the best, they never stop there. They keep improving every feature so that users are sure of getting an extra thrill when monitoring kids. To enjoy these improvements, you need to make sure that all the updates are applied immediately when they are released. For monitoring software such as Auto Forward Spy and PhoneSherriff, the user is notified when new updates are available so that he can install them.

While getting the cell phone spy software is the first step in keeping your kid safer, knowing how to use it optimally is equally critical. You need to understand the app and utilize all the features to get higher value for money. The outlined 4 things will help you get the best out of your app and bring up a happier kid.

Monday, June 27, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Need Top Support When Using A Cell Phone Spy App

When I started using kids’ one-time subscription worry free app to get someones text messages, the main objective was picking the best. Well, while this was truly important, more was required to make the app more useful. You require top security and regular updates for optimal performance. However, what I found to be even more crucial was customer support. Apps with good support make parents feel valued and keep them company.

1)      Assistance with installations and related guidelines

Good support demonstrates commitment of a company or firm to its customers. In cell phone spying field, support is even more important at the initial stages. As parents, many questions linger in their minds about the applications. Even after reading through regular reviews, parents still feel skeptical until they get answers from respective app support. The support makes them understand the software and guide them with installations. This is very important because most software requires installation on the target phone without letting the child note it. 

2)      Clarifications on issues with accounts and kid information

Once you have installed the app to spy on someone text messages software successfully, many people always have issues using the apps. When I acquired the first spy app, using the dashboard was very difficult. The application was heavy and slowed my teen girl’s phone so much.  My effort to reach the support was never successful because they only had email support. Instead of getting direct replies, they took 24 hours before responding.   
My breakthrough came when I acquired Auto Forward Spy. Their support was just a click away. Even when I wanted a simple issue clarified, they had a real person on the other end waiting to answer. The app not only made me feel valued, but they ensured that I enjoy higher value for money at all times.

3)      Addressing problems that may emerge when using the app

Spy apps, just like other software, are bound to experience technical issues. Because their operations are dependent on the software, the kid's phone, the parent's phone, satellites, and connections to computers separated in space and time, issues can emerge when one of them fails. Therefore, the work of support is to ensure that they trace the problem and keep the parent notified as they fix it. In the event that the app has stopped completely, it is important that phone support operates well. Though I have never seen Auto Forward Spy grind to a halt, they have diverse options to reach them and enjoy comprehensive assistance. A parent can call on their telephone line, reach them via Skype, or initiate live chats. They also have an email address for detailed inquiries.

4)      Provide users with support for updates

Nothing is as enthralling as getting support following a client to confirm that a service went on as anticipated and ensure that the highest possible value for money was achieved. While many spy add developers are priced very high and others have monthly subscription tied to them, very few are as concerned with the user like Auto Forward Spy. Every now and them, they remind parents that new features or updates are available so that they can use the best free text messages spy app They ensure that all users are up to date at all times because they want you to walk together in the long journey of keeping your children safer.


To be successful in every effort of monitoring kids and to control what they do, nothing is as important as customer support. It came out that most developers lack this aspect and parents are left with nowhere to run to when the app develops issues. However, Auto Forward Spy demonstrated its commitment to clients by its enthralling support in diverse applications.  The app is also light, easy to use, and presents a great interface for parents to monitor everything about their kids.

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Best Language Learning Apps for iOS

Learning a language is something most people want to do at some point. Whether you’re in college and want a study tool to help you memorize vocabulary and grammar rules or you’re traveling abroad and want to know the language of the locals, there are dozens of language learning apps you can download for your iPhone to get a handle on learning a foreign language. But not all apps are created equal. We’re rounding up the four best language learning apps ever for iOS. These apps, most of which are free, give iPhone users a great resource for mastering any language. Here’s the best around. 


Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning cellphone spy apps and for good reason. It’s versatile, allowing users to learn dozens of languages at any one time. The app is free to download. Users can learn everything from Spanish to Norwegian, using games and short, sweet lessons to master vocabulary and grammar. You’ll be quizzed on what you’ve learned and mastering each quiz allows you to earn XP and Lingots, an in-game currency.

The competitive aspect (and yes, you can even follow and compete against friends learning the same aspect) adds a lot of motivation for players needing a push to get them to keep up on their lessons. You can even set daily reminder emails in order to remind yourself to do a lesson every day. It’s easy to use no matter how long you’ve been trying to master a language and accessible to all users of any age.


Babbel actually offers a wide variety of iPhone by phone number apps under their umbrella, allowing you to master dozens of languages, each with their own dedicated app that offers in-depth resources for helping you master every facet of a language. From interactive trainers to practice lessons, Babbel is one of the best apps around for helping you learn how to talk the talk. But there’s one downside to the Babbel system. You’ll need to opt in for a monthly subscription in order to access all of their services. But when you consider just how powerful Babbel can be, it’s not a bad trade-off if you’re really serious about learning a language.


Busuu offers something different from the rest of the pack. While it still offers easy to digest lessons, the hallmark of a great language learning app, Busuu offers one of the largest and most vibrant language communities around. Interact with thousands of other people trying to learn the same language. One notable feature? Users can participate in mock conversations, giving them an effective and hands-on way to practice what they’ve learned.


Okay, so Anki isn’t necessarily a true-blue language text tracker app. But it can be used to do so. The whole idea behind Anki is that users can learn different things- everything from languages to math- using flashcards. With Anki, memorization matters. The app is completely free and perfect for people who need a quick and easy way to brush up on anything they’re trying to learn. It’s available on a wide variety of devices, so you can practice your flashcards on your Mac and complete a quick refresher on your iPhone. Definitely recommended for anyone who’s got time on their hands and learns best with drills.

Learning a language can be fun and easy, especially when you have your iPhone and an app at your side. Consider downloading one of these four apps (or all of them at once) if you’ve got a hankering to speak another language. No matter how busy you are, learning a language is in your hands.  

Thursday, June 23, 2016


My 17-year old daughter is my angel. My princess. My little lambykins. I love her more than life itself. I was there when she was born. I cut her umbilical cord. I bottle-fed her when my wife slept and did diaper duty for nearly 4 years. I was a stay-at-home dad who worked as a freelancer on and off for the better part of a decade. So when I found out that she had gone to a party, got black-out drunk and ended up pregnant the summer before her senior year, my whole life crumbled.

We spent the better part of that summer trying to pull her out of a depression and made a decision—as a family—to have her abort the child. It wasn’t an easy one to make. This is my little girl. She was date-raped and now had to get an abortion. These are the things you see on a Lifetime movie or on an episode of CSI.

I will admit that I was more than a little disappointed. I was angry. I was ashamed. I was embarrassed—especially when I found out that the rapist also took a photo of her passed out naked on her phone? Did he take one on his? Was he showing it around? Did anyone else attack her or take a picture?

I spent the summer searching the Internet for “amateur pictures and amateur videos of real teen girls”. It didn’t make me feel good. As a teen and younger man—even an older man—I’d enjoyed plenty of porn, but now that I had a teen daughter who was raped … I just couldn’t believe I ever liked it. All of my searches came up negative—thankfully. But that doesn’t mean a photo or video of her isn’t out there.

After things settled down, my wife and I came to the decision to install an app that lets you see someones text messages on her iPhone. Yes, a cell phone spy app. I’m not the least bit sorry or hesitant about it. In fact, I would recommend that everyone do this for all of their kids. I put this app called Auto Forward on her phone so that I can check her calls, texts, social media usage and her pictures and videos. Truthfully, I won’t be doing much checking myself. I don’t think I can stomach seeing what she may do someday—and I really don’t feel right about it. But she’s my baby, and I’m going to make sure no one ever harms her again.

The app for seeing someones text messages will also let me activate her phone’s camera and microphone. If she ever goes to a party again—and she will, I know—I can at least turn those on in order to take a picture of her environment and listen in on her surroundings to confirm that she’s okay. If she’s not, I can find her on the app’s GPS locater.

I’m still searching the Internet to make sure no one ruins my daughter’s reputation. I do it almost every day. I know I can’t always be there for her, but I’ll do my best. You should too. Don’t wait until it’s too late like I did. Look into a mobile spy app to view someones text messages before you’re kid does something they may regret for the rest of their life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WE ARE ORLANDO: How A Mobile Monitoring App Can Help Locate Your Loved One

The other day, another maniac bent on destruction murdered 49 innocent people and injured 53 more in Orlando, Florida. Filled with hate, fear, stupidity and cowardice, the 29-year old American male of middle-eastern descent went into an LGBT nightclub with a handgun and assault rifle and opened fire at around 5 a.m. He then held those who couldn’t escape, hostage, for several hours until police and SWAT teams finally stormed the club and killed him.

What could cause a person to do such things is still up for debate and discussion around the globe. Much of it stems from mental illness and basic brainwashing. Sick and small minds make insane and unenlightened decisions.

Advocates for and against gun control are still going head to head about which would make America safer. My opinion? It’s mixed. I believe that there should be no sales of assault rifles and explosives at all allowed in the United States. However, I also think we can’t infringe on our Second Amendment right. Our country was founded on it.

Hunters have used firearms for ages. Now, I am not a hunter and I don’t condone it. I think it’s pathetic to sneak up on an innocent, unsuspecting animal and shoot it and call it a sport. Where exactly is the sport in that? I agree that America is a free land—and hunting is how many people have fed their families and put food on their tables. How they survived. How they prospered. But that’s not the case anymore. It is no longer a necessity, but … this is America. I believe that handguns, rifles, and shotguns should still be allowed to be sold—to any who pass strict tests and background checks.

I know that people will find a way to kill no matter what, but by making these weapons of mass murder readily available, we are making it easier for them to kill greater numbers of people. Think about it. A guy with a knife is not going to be able to do what this jerk in Orlando.

During and after the chaos—just as with any momentous moment in history—friends and family members were left outside the danger zone waiting to hear if their loved ones were safe. Hundreds of survivors waited outside trying to contact their friends inside. Family members flooded the hospitals with calls trying to find out if they’re loved ones were dead, hurt or held hostage. I can’t imagine their pain. Their frustration. I would wish that I could somehow get inside, just a little bit, so that I could know what was happening. And I realized that I could have if it were my daughter who was inside the club.

Several years ago, I installed a mobile one-time subscription free app to see someones texts monitoring app on my daughter Amy’s phone—when she was a teen. She was having trouble with bullies at school, after a bad breakup. She had broken the heart of a boy after coming out. She hadn’t been able to accept who she was until after he had gotten serious with her and he couldn’t handle it. Neither could several of her classmates. I put the spy app on her phone—with her knowledge—to look after her. It helped us put a stop to the harassing and let the troublemakers know that not only was her father watching, but so was the law.

That being said, she let me put the one-time subscription free apps spy text messages on her new iPhone last year. Yes, it allows me to see her pictures, texts and emails—and a whole bunch of other stuff—but I don’t ever look. She’s a big girl and I respect her. But what I do like—and which could truly help me someday if something horrible like Orlando or Paris or New York ever happens—is that I can track her phone by GPS and read someones texts app.

Look, I know it is not the be-all-end-all answer to anything—she would have to have the phone on her and be near it—but it helps me in knowing that I wouldn’t be left totally out in the dark if a problem arose. There’s a reason why we are all Orlando. It could happen to any of us.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Quick Ways to Save iPhone Battery Power

Many iPhone users complain about how fast their batteries run low.  While the device has a unique design that lets users complete a wide variety of activities, the same activities often contribute to the battery power being drained so quickly.  Whether users like to do activities daily such as watch videos and download music, or if they only use their device for certain features it can be challenging to get the battery to last longer.  Fortunately, there are a few actions to consider that are quick and easy that may help iPhone batteries last a little longer. The following tips give another perspective on what users can do to save iPhone battery power.

Brightness Settings

Changing brightness settings on the device could help reduce battery power. Although some experts suggest this may not amount to much, doing this and other actions can help improve energy consumption.  When possible keep brightness settings to the lowest setting possible.  Increase or decrease depending on where you are and the amount of natural light available. Higher brightness settings can sometimes strain eyes especially when using the device in the dark.  Change settings from time to time to view the difference and consider changing settings when you are least likely to use your device.

Limit Use of Features Such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Notifications and LTE

These features can be great to use a certain times but you can turn them off if you don’t use them often.  Some suggest only turn them on when necessary.  Wi-Fi doesn’t have to be on unless it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. If the phone has to search for a network it runs down battery power.  Notifications and GPS tracking can also use battery energy if turned on but not used.  LTE network uses a considerable amount of power when establishing a connection.  If you are in an area that allows for Wi-Fi make the switch to cut back on battery usage.

Utilize Airplane Mode and Note Ongoing Apps

Airplane mode can help keep battery usage to a minimum.  Sometimes this mode can be used when turning off other features such as vibrate, notifications and Wi-Fi.  A number of how to spy on someones iPhone apps on the device could use up battery power.  Some apps that are “running” in the background could use some power but certain apps used most often could use up more.  Apps such as social media and video apps when streaming content can run down the battery quickly.  Consider turning off such remote cell spy apps or uninstalling them and find a similar version that doesn’t demand so much battery energy.  If you have a considerable number of apps constantly running consider which iPhone monitoring apps you can disable, remove or replace.

Charge iPhone Completely When Prompt

Many users often ignore the little notification the iPhone tells you when it needs to be charged.  Users may end up continuing to use their phone until the battery gets to 1 percent or until their device shuts off.  It is recommended to connect your device to its charger when the phone says it needs to be charged.  This can help improve the life of your battery while encouraging the battery to hold a charge efficiently longer.  You should also remove it from the charger when it is done promptly to conserve energy. Waiting too long to connect your phone could strain battery energy and it may not be used efficiently later on as it can affect battery charging cycles. Certain activities conducted on the device may also affect how long the battery holds a charge.

Monday, June 20, 2016


Bond … James Bond. That’s how my boss first introduced himself to me. Really. I’m not kidding you. His name is James Bond and that’s how I first met him when I interviewed at my company just over a year ago. Of course he goes by the name of Jim—and as you would guess, he’s not a double agent. He’s not very suave and sophisticated. As far as I know, he doesn’t have any noticeable ass-kicking skills. But he does have something that the fictional James Bond has: an app to get someone elses text messages.

Yes, Jim Bond, Regional Sales Manager for generic paper goods is indeed a spy. Just not a super spy. You see, I recently learned that he was using a one-time subscription free text messaging spy app, because he was doing it with everyone. I can’t judge the guy. The phones are company property. And every company I know monitors their employee’s computer and Internet usage—so why wouldn’t they be doing the same with the iPhones. In fact, I whole-heartedly agree that it’s wiser to so with them than anything else. Why? Read on.

Employees take these phones everywhere and forget that the devices don’t actually belong to them. They use them for work as well as for personal affairs. They text their friends, Instagram their food, upload their vacation pictures to Facebook, and sometimes worse. This is where I get into why you’ll agree.

One of Jim’s sales people was recently caught—by Jim—sexting an underage girl! And he was doing it on his company phone. When Jim found out, he not only fired the employee, but contacted the authorities. Now, I didn’t know that guy all that well, but he seemed okay. Very normal. But man! He’s now being prosecuted for pedophilia and other sex crimes because of what they found on his phone.

A female sales person on my team was let go right after I started working here because she was skipping out on sales calls across the area and going to the spa, the movies, mini-vacations and more—all when she was supposed to be working.

And another employee—this time in a different region of our company—was fired last year for tweeting racial slurs on Twitter and posting disturbing quotes and memes on Facebook.

Every one of these workers was caught with Jim’s one-time subscription free app to read someones text messages. Of course, no one knew at the time that he installed it on all of the devices, but it’s perfectly legal. Thankfully, I never abused my phone. Sure, I send some texts and check my fantasy football stats out from time to time, but I don’t look at porn or download anything on it. I use my own phone for that.

So why am I still okay with Jim spying? Well, think about it. If this was my company and employees under my watch were doing stuff like that, wouldn’t I be mad? These people not only wasted company time and money, but they stole in a way. One was committing a heinous crime and another was going to start a race war. But those aren’t the only reasons that I’m all for it, Yeah, Jim’s been spying on me too, but thanks to my good behavior, I just got a big promotion. So, there.

Friday, June 17, 2016


Did you give your child a smartphone? That may have been a bad move if you neglected to do one thing: install a top-of-the-line mobile monitoring app on it. No matter what age your child is, putting the best free app to spy on text messages on his or her device is highly recommended—especially in this day and age of cyber crime.

Scammers, pedophiles, hackers, trolls, bullies, peer pursuers are all online—and they have easy and direct access to your loved ones twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They use the Internet to prey on kids of all ages, because children are na├»ve, impressionable and careless.

Chat rooms, social media, texting, email—are all ways that predators stalk young people. They live and breathe the Internet—just as teens today do—and they never tire. Your child is vulnerable—and it’s kind of your fault. You gave them the smartphone—and that’s allowed these horrible people to come into your home and into their bedrooms where your child takes selfies to post or send. Your loved one spills their guts to strangers on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. And they browse websites that they shouldn’t be seeing.

Short of taking their phone away and scanning through it each night, there’s really no way for you to know what’s going on. In order to fully protect them from all of the harmful influences on the Internet, you need to keep one eye on them twenty-four hours a day. But that’s impossible! Right? WRONG.

"Is there an app to check someones text messages?" By installing a top-notch mobile monitoring app on each and every device you give to a family member, you’ll be able to monitoring who they are talking and texting with, what is being said and shared on social media, and even see where they’re going or where they are.

There are hundreds of mobile spy apps on the market today, but there’s one that is highly rated by parents across the nation: Safeguarde. Safeguarde Mobile Monitoring is the premier cell phone spy app that allows you to access a target phone so that you can completely and discretely make sure your children are playing safe in the digital world.

Safeguarde is inexpensive, easy to install app to track someones texts. Once it is on a child’s phone, you’ll be able to check their browser history, listen in on calls, monitor texts and social media in real-time and even activate their camera and microphone so that you can survey your child’s environment to make sure they are safe and sound. You can even track the phone via GPS if your child goes missing.

In a world filled with every type of criminal, being safe online is just as important as it is when you are off. Install Safeguarde today and know that even though your child is out of sight, their safety isn’t.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mastering the Health App

While the Health app has been around since, well, iOS 8, it can still be difficult figuring out exactly what it’s for. It’s not the most intuitive default app around, although when used right it offers user a powerful tool to track important health metrics like their weight, blood glucose levels, and more. It’s an undervalued app and here’s how you can make the best of it and truly master it.

Use it to Track Your Exercise

            Unfortunately, this feature is only available for the iPhone 5s and the 6 family, among other more recent phones. But your phone can actually track iPhone with phone number. To pull up this data, just visit the Health Data tab and pull up Fitness. Mark the metrics, such as Flights Climbed and Steps, that you want to know about by enabling Show on Dashboard. You’ll now be able to view these any time you want.
            You can also remove data points that aren’t important to you. Go back to Health Data. You can enable or disable the health metrics that you’d like to see. Don’t want to see your sleep metrics? You can disable it. It’s easy to toggle off and you can easily toggle it back on if you change your mind.

Your Medical ID

            In danger? Had a serious accident? Set up Medical ID so emergency responders can see your identity and figure out your allergies, medical conditions, and anything else they might need to know when helping you out. Add as much information as you know, including any conditions you might have and your blood type. Just make sure you enable it to be viewed from your lock screen so respondents can use emergency mode to pull it up.

Sync With Other Apps

            Other apps can provide health metric data. Whether it’s My Fitness Pal or another spyware for cell phone, just make sure you edit permissions through the Sources app. It’s simple to set up and you can’t go without it if you’re someone who uses fitness apps in order to work out and shape up. This works with some devices too, like smart scales and wearables so make sure you’re willing to noodle around with it.
            This is basically the entire point of the Health app. It provides one unified hub for all of your important health data. Be sure to take advantage of it. The Health app only works if you make it work for you.

Adding Your Own Data

            But you’re not just limited to the data you can pull up from apps. If you don’t use other fitness apps or just want to record other information, you can manually add in things like your weight and other body measurements. Try to be as accurate as possible and use up to date measurements. You can then use the Health app as a weight management tool or have up to date information on your medical ID.
Landscape Mode

            Turn your phone to the side. You’ll then be able to view all your health data in landscape mode and can spy mobile phone. It’s intuitive, visual, and provides a great way to get an accurate picture about the state of your health at any point in time. This feature was added to the app in iOS 9.

            While Apple’s Health App certainly isn’t perfect, it can be a powerful tool when used right. Use these tips to get the most out of this iOS 8 headliner and make the most out of your health. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


The unofficial start of summer was Memorial Day weekend, and soon the official start of summer will be here. What does summer bring? Beach time, barbecues, long lazy days with friends and family.
If you’re a parent, celebrate that there’s no more homework or packing school lunches for three months—hooray! But that same blissful season also brings a lot of parental worry. Why does it seem that the heat creates stupidity, especially among teenagers?
Here are just some of the ways that a cell phone spy app like Highster Mobile can help parents get an app to spy text messages to ease their fears in the summer:
1.       Highster Mobile has a GPS locator feature that will help any parent locate their child. Did your teen daughter text you that she was leaving the mall three hours ago and she still isn’t home? Don’t pace the house, sick with worry. Enable the GPS feature, and find out the her exact location and go get her.
2.       Hot summer nights mean that teenagers are out and about. Whether they’re hanging out on the beach, or going to the movies, or finding any old air conditioned place that’s not home, you can rest easy that you’ll always be able to find your teen’s location with Highster Mobile cell phone spy. Check their text messages and see where the next party is and snap a picture with their cell’s camera in order to see what’s going on.
3.       Summer also means that teens are out later. You’ve always trusted your child, but for some reason the combination of heat and boredom is affecting your teen’s behavior. Suddenly you’re wondering, is he drinking? Is he doing drugs? Who is he hanging out with? A cell phone monitoring software can help answer these questions. You’ll be able to see his text messages, emails, photos, videos and much more. You can even activate the phone’s microphone to listen in on is surroundings.
4.       You know that if doesn’t happen on social media it just doesn’t happen. Teenagers share and sometimes overshare every second of their lives. As a parent, you want access to their Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat accounts. You want to see what your teen is posting, how often, and when. You want to see what he’s saying about his family. Is he being respectful? Or is he dragging the family name through the mud? Is he embarrassing himself and his siblings? Apps to see someones text messages can answer these questions.
5.       Teenagers take hundreds and hundreds of pictures. It can be as boring as the burger your teen had for lunch or as bone-chilling as him and his friends flashing gang signs. In the summer, that picture count might triple. You know you want to see those pictures. Is your daughter still seeing that guy you hated? What kind of images is she sharing with him? Is there an app to get someones text messages? She might not tell you the truth about it, but her cell phone will.
6.       What about when your teen starts a new job? Whether the job is at the local mall, babysitting for a family you don’t know, or an internship in the city, of course, as a parent, you’ll be proud. But you’ll also be worried until the minute they walk in that door. A cell phone spy app can ease your fears if he or she isn’t answering because they’re too busy interacting with someone else on their device.

These are just some of the ways that Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software can help ease a parent or guardian’s fears in the summer. Seasons may change, but teens don’t. Be proactive and monitor a teen’s cell phone today.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Kids, even if they’re not getting cell phones at the young ages of nine or ten, chances are, they’re definitely getting a tablet. When kids enter a friend’s home, one of the first questions they ask of their friend’s parent is, “What’s the WiFi password?” Remember when it used to be “Can I have a snack? What do you have to eat?” Oh yes. Times have changed.
Young kids are doing a lot online—mostly gaming apps, but their online behavior is more active than parents realize. They’re playing strangers online in games like Clash of Clans. They’re making videos. They’re creating YouTube channels. They’re sharing profiles and passwords.
A good cell phone monitoring software program like Highster Mobile Spy doesn’t just monitor a cell phone—it's a read someone elses text messages app. Most parents know that the best time to intervene is before something awful happens—like your young son entering a private chat with what he thinks is just another Clash of Clan player but is actually a pervert adult who wants to get to know your innocent child. It happens. A lot.
When you install the software on your son or daughter’s tablet, you can instantly view all the activity on his or her device. Believe it or not, young kids do have email accounts. You can check their emails, their chat messages, even that YouTube channel your son created when he decided it was a good idea to make videos of himself playing video games. As the kids say, “Smh.”
Do yourself a favor: check their contact list in their email account. Make sure you recognize all of the names. Delete any contact you don’t recognize.
How does Highster Mobile Spy work? You can easily install these apps spy on text messages and then monitor with your own user name and password, from any device and remotely. That means that you can view your child’s tablet from your own cell phone, tablet or desktop computer. And you can monitor from the beach, from the pool, on that business trip you’re taking. You always have the power to intervene, and you can make sure your children stay safe in a dangerous digital world.
Is there an app that can spy on text messages? How about everything they’re learning that is probably too much for them to comprehend at this age? The bombarding advertisements. Pop up ads. The constant marketing. What else are they reading? What are they exposed to? With Highster Mobile Spy, you can find out and put a stop to it. Do they know certain passwords they shouldn’t? Are they purchasing apps they shouldn’t be buying? All of this information and more can be safely monitored by you, the parent or guardian.
Tablets and cell phones have replaced the video game console of yesterday. Kids love tablets because they’re portable. They can play with their friends side by side on the couch. They can be in the same room playing Minecraft with their closest buddy. In this modern era, even young kids are never unplugged because of the tablet craze. Maybe every nine year old doesn’t need a cell phone, but they definitely will have a tablet. And you should do everything you can that they are playing safe on it.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone SE

Apple’s latest phone is here, released just days ago for our consumption. While the iPhone SE might not be as big or as grand as some of Apple’s other offerings, that doesn’t mean that the SE isn’t worth getting excited about.
            But what do consumers need to know about the iPhone SE? What does it offer? Is it worth the purchase? How can you track an iPhone? The iPhone SE just might be the right choice for you. And here’s why.

What’s the SE All About?

            The concept behind the SE is pretty simple. The SE is intended for iPhone fans who really weren’t a fan of some of Apple’s recent offerings such as the iPhone 6 and the 6s. The SE is a smaller phone, resembling fan favorite phones such at the iPhone 4s or even the 5s. While small and about the same size as a 4, the phone features the same functionality as more recent models. It’s clear that Apple is targeting the wealth of iPhone users out there still unwilling to give up their iPhone 4 or 4s.
            The SE offers more recent features such as 3-D touch and Touch ID, as well as a secret camera app, while still offering users a convenient experience they can hold in the palm of their hand, something the iPhone 6 was lacking due to its larger size.

Who is the SE For?

            Let’s face it. If you own an iPhone 6 or 6s, you’re probably not going to be downgrading to an SE. The SE is purely for iPhone fans who either haven’t made the switch to a more advanced model, people looking for an affordable alternative to the 6 and the 6s or people who really weren’t all that happy with the size and bulk of the SE.
            iPhone 5 and 5s owners may be particularly happy with the SE. It’s compatible with all covers and accessories that could be used with the 5 and the 5s, making the SE a smart choice for the iPhone user who doesn’t have to have to keep upgrading their cases, their cables, and so on.

The Downsides to the SE

            But the iPhone SE isn’t without some downsides, although they shouldn’t be a deal breaker for most iPhone users.
            Since the hardware isn’t quite as advanced as what’s found in the 6 or the 6s, features like 3-D touch and Touch ID are slower. The GPU is a little slower too and the screen resolution isn’t quite as crisp compared to the 6 or the 6s. But compared to older models, it shouldn’t make a difference for iPhone users who really don’t know any better or who consider the phone’s cost and smaller design to be a good trade-off.

Huge Benefits

            Besides its smaller size and lower cost, there is one huge benefit to the SE that not many people are talking about. The phone actually boasts a worry free text spy app. Compared to the 6, the 6s, the 5 and even the 5s, the SE has a large battery for its size. And with a slightly lower screen resolution, the SE is smart with its power.
            The SE has done what some fans have been asking Apple to do for years- promote a better battery life and provide a phone that doesn’t care about being the thinnest or sleekest on the market.

            Is the SE for you? That depends. Are a smaller size and a higher battery appealing to you? Could you live without the highest screen resolution around or a lighting fast 3-D touch? The iPhone SE is an economical choice for many users and in many cases, it could be the phone for you. 

Friday, June 10, 2016


The Internet is filled with hundreds of an app for getting someone elses texts that promise to do this and promise to do that, but which don’t always deliver. You can spend days trying to find the one that best suits your needs—and then spend hundreds of dollars to find out works! That’s crazy.

The truth is that if you’re looking for a high-quality mobile spy app with all of the best features for an affordable price, then look no further than Auto Forward mobile monitoring. Auto Forward is the top-rated mobile tracking and spy software in its class. It offers more features than most people know what to do with and does so easily and reliably.

Auto Forward is an app for reading someones text messages and is compatible with all Android devices and iPhones and iPads. Simply download the app, activate it and start monitoring from your cell phone, tablet or computer. Within minutes, you’ll be able to see what texts, pictures, and calls the user is making and receiving; who they are interacting with on social media; and where they are going on GPS. You can also activate their phone’s camera to snap a picture of their environment or use their microphone to listen in on their surroundings.

Auto Forward is ideal for parents who want to make sure that their children and teens are playing safe on the digital playground. It’s also a smart tool for business owners and managers who entrust smartphones to their employees. They can monitor their workers’ production and spot any misuse or abuse right away and put a stop to it.

Auto Forward allows users to access the target phone’s browser history; check call logs; see every SMS message; record every iMessage; access all pictures, audio and video files; and more—even if it’s all been deleted!

Look, kids make mistakes. Teen girls today don’t think twice about taking a suggestive selfie and sending it to a friend or posting it on one of the dozens of popular social media sites. They don’t realize that once the pic is out there, it can never be removed. And teen boys don’t realize that receiving and forwarding such material can get them arrested for pedophilia—but it’s happened plenty of times. And as for your employees? They’re human. They get bored, emotional, distracted. A smartphone, while a great tool for the modern worker, can be a detriment to your business because of all the distractions it offers.

So, if you’re a parent who wants to make sure that their child isn’t being bullied or preyed on by some sick online pedophile, OR you’re a manager who wants to find out if their employee is engaging in WiFights or trading insider secrets, then you owe it to yourself to install a great mobile monitoring app to check someones text messages on every device today.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

When Your Child’s Got a Record: Navigating a Juvenile Felony Record With Cellphone Monitoring Software

It’s never easy being the parent of a child with a juvenile criminal record. No matter what the case might be, understanding how to properly keep tabs on your child without pushing them away or loosening restraints far too much is key. It’s important to show your child that you care about their personal safety and want to help empower them while at the same time ensuring that they don’t repeat the same mistakes that ended up giving them a criminal record. Here’s how you can use cellphone monitoring software to help keep your child safe.

Consider the Offense

Why does your child have a record. It may be worth considering what behaviors they exhibited and what friends they were hanging around when your child was charged and arrested.

Does your child have a drug problem? Was your child hanging around a gang? You should keep a careful eye out for any suspicious behavior on your child’s phone. While this can be easier said than done, it’s important to consider the events that lead up your child’s arrest when considering what behavior you’ll want to watch out for.

Pay attention to texts sent to friends and which friends they’re texting. Are they messaging the same people they hung around when they got arrested? Are they using strange slang and obvious code words in their messages? These are the kinds of things you’ll want to make notes of.

Block Away and Snap Photos From a Distance

With a text messaging spy app, you can do several things from a distance. For example, you can remotely switch on your child’s camera. This can come in handy if your child is out, you’re otherwise unsure of where they are, and you’re worried that they’re up to something again.

You can also block contacts from your child’s phone, including supposed friends and anyone you’re worried about them associating with. Managing your child’s contacts after an arrest is never easy but at least now you have the power to better control who your child contacts and preventing bad influences from seeping back in your child’s life.

Notify Authorities When Things Happen

"Is there an app to track someones text messages?" Should things happen, such as your child deciding to run away from home, it’s important to use your cellphone monitoring software for good.

Always get authorities involved if you’re suspicious of something. Notify them about the existence of the cellphone monitoring software if you need to, for instance, locate your child or you feel something’s going on.

While your child may have a GPS ankle monitor if they’re on parole, cellphone monitoring software can go one step further and actually show both you and authorities what your child is doing in real time. For instance, what texts did your child send before they disappeared? Is there an app where you can read someones texts? Did they send any photos? Are they calling someone? All these are things that may be very, very important for you to know down the line and may be key for authorities to know in case they need to assist your child.

Recover Lost Data

A child who has something to hide may try to delete texts and photos from their phone. With cellphone monitoring software, you can recover deleted data, no matter how thoroughly your child attempts to erase data from existence.

While trust can still exist in your new relationship with your child, it’s important to be cautious moving forward. Cellphone monitoring software can help you establish the boundaries your child needs more than ever with a criminal record while still ensuring that your child can regain independence outside of juvenile detention. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ways to Improve iPhone Battery Life You May Not Know About

If you own an iPhone you know how frustrating it can be sometimes when it comes to battery life of the device.  You can help but to enjoy a number of your favorite activities such as video streaming, photo sharing, listening to music and playing games such as Candy Crush and Cookie Jam.  Yet, many of these activities are known to contribute to how efficient the iPhone battery consumes energy.  There are a few things iPhone users may not know about that can extend battery life.  The following points offer insight and experience from other iPhone users on how to improve battery life.

Make Sure Software is Up to Date

This seems like a no brainier especially since Apple recommends a software to spy phone app free.  Users need to make sure their device operating system is updated and if not consider getting it upgraded.  There are updates that can help the battery consume energy efficiently.  At the least, get the updates to ensure apps on your device run smoothly. Some users have reported better overall performance of their device upon getting an update. Others may not notice much of a difference but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Minimize Wi-Fi Use

There are a few things to consider when thinking about Wi-Fi use.  You can manage how it is used by turning it off when you don’t need it.  Pay attention to your device and its reception. If the reception isn’t good this could use more battery power.  There are iPhone users suggest switching to airplane mode when disconnecting Wi-Fi to conserve energy.

Check Apps in Use

Apps can take up a good amount of energy from the battery.  There are a few tips users have found helpful in conserving battery energy.  The iPhone has a battery saving mode users can switch to.  Check location services for certain apps as this feature can suck up some battery power.  Check app preferences to see other functions required for the app to run. Check for apps running in the background. They may contribute to some of the battery power being lost but in some cases it may not amount to much.

Cut Back on Music and Video Streaming

Who doesn’t enjoy streaming videos and movies as well as a spyware for phones? While it is a great convenience to pass the time this can drain the battery quickly.  When listening to music it is suggested to consider downloading the music instead of streaming.  When content is downloaded it doesn’t use as much battery power as streaming.  When content is downloaded you can enjoy it for longer periods of time without putting so much stress on battery. This means you can go back to the content at any time to listen or view.  You don’t have to stop streaming content but consider doing so less often. 

Keep Device at a Comfortable Temperature

If the device feels warm or starts to overheat, it can run down the battery faster.  A few users recommend a worry free phone tracking app. You can also turn off your device for a period of time if it feels very warm to help cool down the battery. Apple suggests the battery temperature should be between 32 and 95 degrees.

Utilize Features Designed to Save Power

There are other tips to consider that may seem rather small but together they could make a difference in battery power.  Use power save modes built into the device through iPhone settings.  Adjust screen brightness to the lowest setting possible.  Turn off notifications on certain apps and try to cut back on using apps that require a lot of energy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Teens and children spy: Auto forward spy

Teens and children these days are so caught up on the internet and all accompanying technologies, that it is hard for a concerned guardian to keep track of, and monitor their online activities. This can lead to their young minds being drowned in vices that deplete their moral values and lead them to questionable decisions.
All this can be solved if the guardian is able to get an app to read someone elses text messages. Auto Forward Spy software has given parents and all guardians such an opportunity. The guardian needs only to download the software and install it in their device and they will be able to monitor their children’s activities anytime they use the device.
The guardian will be able to monitor their children’s history online. The app to read someone elses texts allows the user to easily view their children’s activities online, be it on social media or any unseemly site they may try to visit.
Auto Forward Spy, keeps tabs on all that your children do and allows you to see it. The software works well on all devices that are android or iPhone enabled. The software can also allow the user to view text messages on the device that have been sent or received. This allows the guardian to keep tabs on all the people that their children are in communication with, the software will also show deleted texts and SMS messages from the device.
All incoming and outgoing calls are also monitored from the targeted device. The app that allows you to see someone elses text messages software basically allows the user access to the call logs of all targeted devices. On top of monitoring the call logs of all targeted devices, the software also allows the user to record all the incoming and outgoing calls on the device and allows the user to listen to both ends of the call latter.  The user is also allowed to access all the contact list details on the device, hence the user will be can see all the people that the children all in constant cellular contact with.
Keeping children safe being the primary concern of the user, Auto Forward Spy will adequately serve this concern through deep and intensive monitoring of all devices that the children are in constant interaction with. Emails are also monitored and are displayed to the user on their easy to use, user interface. As they are sent and received, the user will be allowed access to all of them and will read their contents and be able to view the sender as well as see all who have received them. The online world will be monitored by the user, and the targeted devices will not serve as tools to indulge in morally grey behavior for the children. Instead the internet will serve as a learning tool that will help grow the intellectual capacity of the child. The spying software will also help keep children from falling prey to online predators that search for naive children whom are none the wiser to what they may come across on the internet.
Cyber bullying has been a growing pandemic on the teen and pre-teen population these days. They are psychologically tortured and bullied on major social media platforms and they have nowhere to turn to.  With their guardians monitoring their activities online, they will be able to curb the effects of cyber bullying by knowing exactly what their children are doing and who there are communicating with. Guardians will be able to stop cyber bullying immediately it starts and even possibly before it does. Auto Forward Spy, an easy way to parent.