Friday, October 30, 2015

Top Cell Phone Spy Software

Spywares are gaining popularity with growing concerns over cyber threats and abuse of cell phone and other gadgets by teens, spouses or employees. Cell phone spyware are designed to assist the concerned party to keep a track of information in order to safeguard the interest of the cell phone user and also their own without breach of trust between the two. Some of the spy software for easy cell phone spying are as follows:

Highster Mobile

This amazing tracking app helps keep all information on one’s cell phone in an organized detailed format and notice any unusual behavior promptly for any action to be taken. Old and deleted messages and conversations are stored to allow access to any act that is kept hidden or deleted from phone. Cheating spouses are reported to have a habit of deleting messages, this is to catch it. Call logs are also recorded, photos are accessible and so are videos to know what’s being shared on other accounts.

Need to know how to locate a phone? GPS location information keeps you updated with the places the user visits and any suspicious activity may immediately be noticed. Some more settings allow you to set certain keywords, so that when they’re searched you’d be notified instead of going through the detailed history.  Constant upgrades and a onetime payment plan set this apart from competition.

Auto Forward

Auto Forward is absolutely simple to use and is supported by both Android and Apple. It has many useful features like the ability to spy on text messages and see web browser history, emails and phootos. Even videos! It also allows you to monitor across different devices (for example, do you need to monitor both a tablet AND a phone? Now you can.

It’s also an ideal tool for any employer wanting to keep track of employees who use company devices. The customer support at Auto Forward Spy is among the best there is. Questions get answered quickly and issues get resolved much to my satisfaction. There was always a friendly person answering the phone to answer my questions or resolve any issues with installation or how-to.

Spy Bubble

Spy Bubble is a cell phone spy software designated to spy your spouse or kids with data access to their cellular phones in order to stay informed of all the activities going on. Spy Bubble supports old and new generation cell phones (Symbian, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile). With an easy installation procedure it gains access to WhatsApp messages and the shared photos/ videos  are also recorded.


Spyera is one of the amazing spy software for cell phones. Providing a significant amount of features, it stands out for call recording in clear quality whereas most of the cell phone spy programs offer a live call listening option. ‘Location track’ and ‘uninstall notifications’ are also key features of this software.


With ease of compatibility with Symbian, Android, Blackberry, Windows and iPhone, this software also comes with a 15 days money back guarantee. Observation of location and the different activities going on on the cell phones of your kids or spouse could be easily monitored for any unusual behavioral patterns suspected.


WebWatcher keeps location, contact information, web history, emails, and search items like the rest of the players in competition, but it also records the data of keystrokes typed. Instant messaging and program blocking are also prominent features of this cell phone spy software.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to Catch Your Cheating Spouse with a Spy Software

Spy software can be very helpful when you want to monitor the activities of your kids, spouse or any loved ones. Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone which makes it easier to spy on a cheating spouse’s cell phone with a spy program that is especially designed to track and monitor the movements and activities of a person.

There are many type of spy software to spy on text messages and more. Some of them can be installed through the air links (OTA) or by transferring the software configuration from the mobile to a PC. You can also directly type the web address into the browser of the objective mobile phone or use USB cable or a Bluetooth device to install the spy software. This program will allow to you to confidentially record phone calls, text messages, video calls and monitor any internet usage.
If you are tired of playing a victim in your marriage and are unable to confirm your suspicions, this can be an easy way to find out the truth about your spouse’s infidelity.

Why You Should Track Your Cheating Spouse

If you are suspicious that your better half is lying to you about their whereabouts and activities, you are in dire need of spy software. Gone are the days when spy software and bugs were only featured in Bond movies. There has been a rapid progression in the field of spy software development. You can now use this software to your advantage, particularly if you are not fond of confronting your loved one or spouse without concrete evidence.
Thanks to the advancement in modern technology, you can track web and cellular evidence to avoid being duped by your cheating spouse. Although many married couples check each other’s phones behind the other’s backs, they rarely find something of importance. That is because they don’t look hard enough. But software allow you to monitor emails, calls, text messages, internet history and certain target keywords as well. Additionally, you can choose to be notified by email or an SMS when your specified keywords are triggered on the target mobile.

Is It Ethical?

There are several point of views on whether it is ethical to install a spy software on your loved one’s mobile. Remember that you should not resort to installing cell phone spy software to phone track just because you are paranoid or insecure about your relationship. This is a means that should always be used as a last resort when discussing the matter with your partner proves futile. A software can then help you clear your doubts and ease your worrying mind without having to discuss the painful topic of infidelity. Moreover, if you are wrong, the undetectable spy software will cause no harm to your relation, while a discussion might go completely out of hand.

Ways to Track a Cheating Spouse

There are several ways that can be employed to monitor your spouse’s activities. The most popular way is to use VNC to monitor their internet activity and PC usage. It is very easy to configure and requires you to set a secret password in the authentication tab. Another way is to directly buy cell phone spy software online and follow the easy instructions to install it in on your spouse’s cell phone.

Today, many online stores offer spy software with a phone locator app which are specifically designed to cater to specific target markets of Android and iPhone users. They also differ from one another because each cell phone has a different hardware and requires unique software for proper configuration and accessibility.

There are also some software companies which offer you a free trial period to test the program with limited features. Then, if you are satisfied with the product, you can buy the full version with access to all the features and services. If you don’t want to read through hundreds of reviews before choosing a spy software, call us at [insert phone number] and find out how you can buy and install our software for your needs.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cell Phone Spy Software Can Protect Your Elderly Parents

There’s a very scary and real thing called elder abuse. Many families have to move their elderly parents into nursing homes or assisted facilities because they can no longer care for them at home. But what happens when elder abuse occurs? It’s a real and problematic occurrence. What happens when those who can’t speak for themselves are neglected, mistreated or ignored?

According to, the following statistics are supported:
“Elder mistreatment (i.e. abuse and neglect) is defined as intentional actions that cause harm or create a serious risk of harm (whether or not harm is intended) to a vulnerable elder by a caregiver or other person who stands in a trust relationship to the elder. This includes failure by a caregiver to satisfy the elder’s basic needs or to protect the elder from harm.4

Unfortunately, we simply do not know for certain how many people are suffering from elder abuse and neglect. It appears that female elders are abused at a higher rate than males and that the older one is, the more likely one is to be abused.

Signs of elder abuse may be missed by professionals working with older Americans because of lack of training on detecting abuse. The elderly may be reluctant to report abuse themselves because of fear of retaliation, lack of physical and/or cognitive ability to report, or because they don’t want to get the abuser (90% of whom are family members) in trouble.”

The need to track cell phone for elders is very real. A cell phone monitoring software and a cell phone spy camera can help in these situations. Most people think that the elderly can’t or won’t be bothered with cell phones or technology at all. But what if they’re on and record a staff member being abusive? With a product like Auto Forward, a son or daughter can spy on any cell phone and stop the mistreatment.

How does it work? A cell phone spy software like Auto Forward comes with a variety of powerful features and can be downloaded on your mother or father’s cell phone. Although you might search how to track a cell phone for free, note that free spy apps don’t always carry the same functionality or power as Auto Forward (which comes with a low cost, one-time fee and no additional monthly charges.)

The son or daughter can then track the activity on the phone. What kind of activity can there be on an elder’s phone? The stealth camera option gives the buyer of the software a bird’s eye view of the room! This can instantly stop any abuse that might be happening in assisted facility.

Cell phone spy technology is not just for tracking wayward teens who spend too much time on Facebook. It’s not just for a scorned lover who wants to catch his or her spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend with someone else. Although many buyers use it for such reasons, there are other important ways to use the software

In reality, tracking a cell phone can help protect our elderly population, who deserve only respect, love and protection in their golden years. Worried children of elderly parents who have no choice but to depend on the care that others give will find great relief with cell phone monitoring software.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Kardashian World

Let’s face it, we live in a fish bowl world. And there are some celebrities that only want that fish bowl to grow bigger every day. The Kardashians were recently dubbed “America’s First Family” and although there was plenty of backlash to that statement, they are loved and followed and copied constantly, and every day. A picture of Kendall Jenner, lying on the floor with her hair styled in multiple hearts, is Instagram’s most liked photo of all time. This family has built an empire to themselves, thanks to their fierce social marketing self-promotion.

America prides itself on its capitalism and strength. So it’s no wonder that a materialistic presence like the Kardashians are emulated by young girls. When everything is overshared, nothing can be out of reach. What’s the American dream? It used to be hard work. Now it’s getting the most likes on Facebook and the most liked photo on Instagram.

The only problem with young girls buying into the transparent Kardashian world is that it’s about as reachable as the planet Mars. On the surface, the Kardashians instill completely backward values—that young people need to be filthy rich in order to be liked and admired. So how can we stop young girls from being affected? You can start by monitoring their exposure to this Kardashian lifestyle.

A mobile spy app can infiltrate a person’s online world. That online world exists on millions and millions of cell phones that people are attached to every day. Did you ever realize that it’s possible to download a cell phone spy software application on a teen’s phone? Any parent might be hesitant at first, and wonder how to track an iPhone. The answer is actually easier than most people realize: you download the application on a target phone, and then you can view a person’s social media activity, chats, text messages, emails and much more.

Why would anyone want to see this activity? Maybe your daughter is one of the millions that “liked” Kendall Jenner’s hairstyle photo. Innocent enough, right? But then you notice that she’s spending just a little TOO much time on Instagram, liking and following Kim Kardashian West. It’s not what you want your teenager to learn. You’d like her to be a little more grounded, and less obsessed with looks and money.

Suddenly you find yourself needing a free cell phone spy app to spy on cell phone free. You do your research, and you learn that free apps won’t extract all the information from all the media sites like you’d like them to. You research more. You find Auto Forward, and realize that the one-time and low-cost fee is worth every penny because you can finally see every site your daughter is on. Auto Forward helps you take that first step by confirming the online activity of someone’s cell phone. And by opening the doors of communication, a cell phone spy app can actually create a more trusting relationship between parent and child.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Safeguard your Child from Cyber Bullying

Keep track of your kid’s messages and the calls he/she receives for the best interest of your child
Bullying in itself is tormenting for children and teens, let alone happening in a virtual world which gets serious with each step without any evidence of pain such as bruised knees and elbows. Modern parents more and more want to know how to track someone’s phone.

The emotional consequences are grave in nature because as children progress they may carry along memories of some unpleasant incidents that may haunt them for a long time and cause personality damage as well. Cyber bullying refers to the act of bullying a teen or pre teen by threatening, humiliating, or embarrassing them over electronic mediums such as cell phones or social media accounts. It gets serious if it involves some explicit content or sensitive information.

 Children have been reported to suffer psychological damage or worse, suicide, thinking that would be the only way to protect them against the bullying. The problem is, your teen won’t tell you if he/she is a victim to cyber bullying. Teenage is a sensitive age and ego issues often arise. It is important to know what’s going on in your child’s life in the online world where he/she spends most time of the day. Sometimes, however the idea may cross your mind when you see any of the messages accidently but generally you might not come across any such signs.

Watch over your child’s cell phone activities to track any messages, calls, threatening voicemails that involve cash amounts, verbal threats about some secret, illicit messages, or any other content that violates moral code of conduct. Cell phone spy software provides access to your child’s personal data. To spy on your kid’s cell phone it is important to maintain discretion but once you get to know of any such calls or messages that harass your child, get down to business immediately.

There is a chance of intensified bullying as someone might be accessing your child’s personal information and using it against them or victimizing them for pleasure, in any case you need to be well- informed.

Bridge the generation gap and be the faithful friend they might be searching in outsiders. Let your child know that the purpose of you keeping a track of all the information with software to spy on cell phones was not because you don’t trust them but because you care for them and need to ensure they’re safe in the virtual world just as you’re concerned about their physical security.

Of course, everyone is interested in how to track a cell phone for free, but the cell phone tracker free programs are usually sub-standard when it comes functionality. I highly recommend Highster Mobile for the best value: a low-cost, one-time fee and excellent customer service.

Cell phones are a great source of communication and kids may become avid users but with that there is a risk of them falling prey to bullying which often results in falling grades, bunking school, stealing, and other forms of improper behavior. Keep a track of all the information before your child gets into some serious trouble and confront the bully and his/her parents if the intensity gets out of hand. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Can You Trust Your Child?

Can you trust your child? Many of you will say yes or probably, but in some cases, the answer is no. Reality of the fact is that you can’t trust them with everything.  
Children are curious creatures who are continuously searching for different types of entertainment. They want to know everything and in cases where proper guidance is not provided to them, they can deviate from the right path.

Children should learn from mistakes and test the limits of their actions, but in case of bad influence or habits, the involvement of a parent becomes necessary.  That involvement may very well be text message spy on a child’s phone.

Factors that Affect the Behavior of Your Child

A child is curious, yet innocent by nature. However, there are certain factors that can negatively affect the values of the child. These factors are very common and cannot be avoided. Therefore it is important to assess the child and his habits occasionally. If he is talking about a new friend, you should meet him and judge for yourself.

1.     Bad Influence

You cannot always be with your kids. When you’re not with them, they’ll meet people both good and bad. Sometime, they might meet the latter and they may even want to be more like the bad company they keep.

But you can to deal with this problem. Spy software gives you the chance to observe where your child goes and what kind of the topics he discusses with his buddies on the phone. If your child is lying to you by telling you that he is going to study and attends a party instead, it means that you should play close attention to his activities.

2.     Role Models

Your child’s role models play an important role in the upbringing and structuring of the personality of your child. It is important to discuss such subjects with your child. If he idealizing a senior or someone from his friend circle, meet them and talk to them about their lifestyle. This will provide you insight regarding the interest and activities of that person and you can judge if he is good for your baby or not.

3.     Trying to Act Cool

This is very common problem of the youth. They try to copy actors and act cool in front of their friends. This factor normally leads to the adaptation of bad habits including the use of curse words, smoking, drugs, sexual activities, and smoking.

Friends play an important role in the positive and negative development of your child. It is important to identify the type of friends your child has. This can be easily done with the use of spy software as they can provide you a clear picture of the conversation and the type of topics that are covered in such conversations.

Cell phone spy software will help you track the movement of your child and listen in on conversations he has. In addition to this, the spy software will also help you locate your child in case of emergency by GPS. It will also help you feel safe, secure, and informed. As a parent, the best thing you can do to protect your child is to install spy software in your child’s phone.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beware! Your Child Is Exposed to Porn

As parents, we’re always concerned about what our children are doing, watching, and who they hang out with. We want our kids to be better than we were, but things don’t always pan out that way. As such, finding out that your child has access to porn online is disturbing.

Porn websites can be regarded as the dilemma of the internet and they actively participate in ruining families, cultures, values, and now our children. But now, with the help of spy software you can prevent your children from accessing porn. You can even text message spy with a cell phone spy app to ensure inappropriate pictures and videos don’t make it to your kid’s phone.

Statistical Picture

With the advancement of technology, access to pornographic material has become very easy for a child. According to a survey conducted by GIZMODO, by the age of 11 years children are exposed to pornographic material.

According to survey conducted by YouGov for the examination of mobile behavior among children aging 12 to 14, it was found that one in five children have came across porn material with the help of their mobile phone. This percentage is shocking and reflects the possible impact of such material on the physical, sexual, and psychological health of a child.

Mail Online published a report on a survey asking parents to play close attention to the online activities of their child.

Research Studies

According to a report published by American Psychology Association (APA), 40% of the teen population search for pornographic material on the internet. The study further reported the following health hazards that are directly associated with children that are exposed to pornographic material.
·         Hyperactive sexuality is often observed in children who watch porn.

·         The attitude toward recreational sex is very casual.
·         The idea of sexually transmitted disease is not accepted.
·         The chances the prognosis of depression is increased.
·         The chances of sexual abuse are also enhanced.

According to a study published in the  Journal of Communication (Vol. 56, No. 4, pages 639-660) , the data reflected that teenagers think that it is okay to have sexual interaction without an ounce of affection. The attitude of these children about sex was recreational and most of them were not concerned about the chances of STDs.

Best Course of Action

Spy software like Highster Mobile can be regarded as the best possible solution for this problem as they can help monitor the activities of your child on the web. Additionally, it can also provide you access to browser history so you can search for the inappropriate material delivered, sent, or received to their phone. You can check the websites that are visited by your child.  

In case of such incidents, you can guide the child about the best course of action and the impact of negative activities on their health and psychology. Spy software provides us a means to evaluate the activities of the child without being on their side constantly. It becomes very easy to evaluate the child and his gathering even in cases when you are out of the city for a business meeting. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

7 Easy Steps to Secretly Install a Spy App

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you cannot get your hands on the cell phone of the person you are trying to spy on. However, there are many ways to work around those limitations. The most common way is to install a spy phone app on the phone of the employee or the person you are trying to track. This app will let you see social media activity, call logs, emails, text message spy and much more.

However, it is not an easy feat to install a cell phone spy app on a phone secretly. Also, spying on cell phones without accessing them can be quite tricky. Some companies even go through the trouble of ordering bulk phones with built in factory settings and a free spy app installed on it to avoid the hassle. These cell phones can be generally offered to the employees on discounted prices.

Additionally, if you have access to the internet connection, to which the target phone is connected, you can install a spy app via the internet secretly, to track text messages or calls. All you have to do is bypass the security code and unlock the device.

Aside from this, knowing how to install a secret spy app like Auto Forward can be useful if you want to have the advantage of spying on cell phones without having direct access to them all the time.

Installation Instructions

After gaining access to the device in question, follow 7 easy steps to secretly install a spy app on the cell phone.

1)      First of all, you will need to select the spy application company and navigate to its official website. There will specific directions given to install the app and to use it. If the app is paid, you will have to enter your credit card information. If the app is free with limited features and a trial period, the setup download can begin immediately.

2)      After the setup download, you can begin to install the application on the objective device. You will have to locate the download folder which contains the downloaded setup. Either you can extract it to a more accessible location like your home screen or directly click on it to start the installation process.

3)      Several popup windows will pop-up after each module is installed, but these can differ based on the device or the company of the app that you have chosen.

4)      After the application has installed, it will urge you to restart your device to function properly. It is ideally advised that you restart your device. However, there is also a “restart later” option that you can select if you don’t want to be inconvenienced by restarting the device. This step is usually done for authentication purposes.

5)      The next step, after you have successfully downloaded your app, is to log in to your online spy account which will be provided by the app manufacturing company. This account can be accessed through your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

6)      The next step is to confirm that the app that you have installed is directly linked to your online account. Generally, most companies send a code/confirmation text or email to your primary email address or phone number.

7)      The last step is to make sure that the device is connected to a Wi-Fi or data connection at all times. You can check the account by sending a test message to the target phone. Be vigilant about deleting every trace of your test call, message and browsing history after you have ensured that the spy app is working.

These easy to follow steps can help you monitor any cell phone or device activity using the spy application. If you have any further questions about the topic, you can contact us at [insert number here]. Our customer representatives will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to Control What Content Is Shared on Your Childs Cell Phone

You can be able to control what content is shared on your child’s device when you know how to spy on a cell phone and text message spy. To do this you need quality software designed to allow you remote access to your child’s phone.  You can place limitation on what content is shared and even block content from being downloaded.  Some options let you recover content that was deleted. Finding the right software will help you stay in control of content shared and received.  Here are a few points to help you stay on top of content shared with your child’s cell phone.

Find a Good Spy Software to Use with Your Child’s Phone
This process may take a moment with some research but you get the general idea.  There are software options to be used with certain operating systems. Highster Mobile is a powerful cell phone spy that is compatible with all Android and Apple devices. Others may be best for certain phones such as an Android or an iPhone. 

Read instructions related to the software and consider operating system of your computer as well.  Try not to consider price at this point when reviewing a potential cell phone spy app. When seeking potential software consider something that helps you limit activity on the target phone in question.  As you compare different software options you will learn different features to consider that are most suitable for your personal interests.

Think about Aspects You Want to Control and Find Compatible Software
What are things you want to know about your child’s cell phone activity? Think about these aspects when seeking the right software app.  There are apps that let you limit activity of different apps such as social media and the internet browser.  There are options that let you review a message, text, or picture before the target phone owner sees it.

Do you want to block certain websites from being accessed? Do you want to prevent a contact from sending messages to your child’s phone? Maybe you want to block calls or other content that can be received on the phone.  As you consider these aspects look for software that will make it easy for you to do this.

Additional Tips on Getting the Security You Need
Parents like the idea of using a free cell phone spy option or a paid subscription source that will give benefits to help them stay on top of activity engaged by their child.  Yet, there are free options that may not offer all the security you want.  You should also consider options that will keep your monitoring discreet.  You should be able to monitor and access data on your child’s phone without them knowing it. 

You should have an option that will let you save content you download from your child’s phone.  You should feel you have flexibility in being able to control what your child does on their phone.  Using spyware is another option parents consider extra security since security options built into mobile devices may not be enough to help keep their child safe.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Why Should You Install Spy Software Remotely

There are several software that you can use to spy on someone’s cell phone. Such software are specifically programmed for this purpose, allowing you to spy on a cell phone from a remote location. However, it is not always possible to spy on a cellular device by directly installing the spy software on the cell phone. That is where remote spy software come into play. They are available for most Android devices and iPhones.

A common question that is asked when it comes to spying remotely is regarding the installation of the mobile phone spy software. Some people are even skeptical about the functioning and performance of such spy software. Nevertheless, there are several types of spying bugs and software that allow you to install spy software on a cell phone without having the ability to access it.

Why Should You Consider Installing Spy Software?

If you’re wondering how to text message spy, spy software can help you keep an eye on your kids or confirm your suspicions about a spouse who is cheating on you.

Tracking Your Kid

It is an excellent way for parents to keep an eye on the movements and activities of their children. Not only can you monitor where they are, at all times, but you can also keep a close eye on the pictures they send, any calls they make, as well as the information they share on any social media platform. These features in cell phone spy software help you to protect your kids from the unfortunate dangers of the cyber world.

Be Aware of Your Spouse’s Movements

Moreover, if you are having doubts about your spouse and suspect them of cheating on you, this can be a helpful way of finding out the truth. Before confronting them about the issue, you can monitor their activities to ascertain if their stories add up. It can help prevent heartbreak and difficult confrontations.

There are also many functions within spy software which are briefly discussed below.

Functions of Spy Software 

There are several functions of spy software:

Spy software has a feature to track the movement of the cell phone via a GPS tracking system. You can thus, keep a record of where the cell phone has been, as the cell phone will ring off any nearby tower in the surrounding area.

The software can help you track, not only the owner’s movements, but give you the chance to listen to the interactions taking place via the cell phone.

It gives you complete access to the message and call history.

You can block any phone number or restrict any specific call on the concerned cell phone number.

It gives you easy access to the complete phone and internet history, bookmarks and web movements. You can access this information from your PC or your laptop.
If you install spy software on a cell phone, you can see all of their meetings and schedules marked on the calendar, as well the phone and email logs.

Spy software does not drain the battery like other software. Therefore, they are completely undetectable. No one will be able to find the software on their device as the software is designed to operate in stealth mode.

There can be limitations to installing spy software and not all of them will function the same way. This is because Bluetooth proximity setting, software and hardware of each cell phone are different. However, following complete instructions will help you install the software correctly. There are several spy software available in the market. If you want more information about affordable and easy-to-install spy software, take a quick look at for more details.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Monitoring Your Kids on the Go with Remote Cell Phone Monitoring

Buying a smartphone for your child can be a rather nerve racking experience. You just cannot be sure if your kid will end up costing you hundreds of dollars in messaging expenses or data packages. However, these days, parents are more concerned about what their children do online using their phones and where they hang out after school.

Based on tons of research provided by different sources, there are a lot of factors that parents in the US should be concerned about when deciding to buy their kids a cell phone. According to a report published by the National Crime Prevention Council, over 43% of teenaged kids have fallen prey to cyberbullying. And this number is consistently growing; hence parents now resort to monitoring their children’s activities via best spy software for cell phones. In today’s dangerous digital world, most parents even want to know how to spy text messages on their child’s phone, since teens spent a majority of their day texting!

The problem is out of the percentage of children that fall victim to cyberbullying, only 11% tell their parents about it. And because of the freedom to text and chat online, most kids also fall in the traps made by devious child molesters and stalkers, the thought of which can run a chill down your spine. This is why more parents incline towards using remote application for tracking their kid’s cell phone activities. 

In light of this, this article will focus on how you can monitor your kids on the go using the best possible ways of cell phone tracking.

When you talk about remote monitoring, there are a number of applications you can use, especially if your kids use Android based cell phones. Just imagine being able to monitor your kid’s location while your away on a business trip or somewhere out of the house.

How does the idea of having a bird’s eye of view of what is going on when your babysitter comes in to take care of your children while you go out for dinner? App for spying on cell phone can be a very effective idea.  

Check in with your Cell Phone Service

Before you consider downloading a phone tracking application, if your kid has not even reached his teenage years, you can avail privacy features offered by your service providers. A lot of big companies like Sprint and T-Mobil have excellent parental control options and features, which you can use to block your kid from accessing various types of content online.

However, cell phone service providers cannot do much about blocking access to content over the Wi-Fi, so if your kid uses an iPhone and texts via iMessage, you will have to resort to other methods of tracking cell phone activity.

The Type of Phone you are Monitoring

The method you can use to monitor a cell phone depends on the type of phone your kid uses. For example, if your kid an Android phone, you have a plethora of best spy apps for cell phones you can download for free from Google Play.

However, if you kid uses an iPhone, your options might be limited as Apple does not have a lot of monitoring applications.

So, cell phone monitoring software like Auto Forward is growing more rampant by the day and each new application now provides even easier options for parents to ensure their kids stay safe. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Auto Forward Can Help You Monitor Pictures On a Target Phone

When you are finally home from vacation and ready to upload all of your pictures, it can be a pain trying to collect all the photos from every family member. With Auto Forward downloaded to every phone, you will learn how to spy text messages, and will immediately have access to all of the photos on the target phone, and can even download them to your own device. Many times, employees use their phones to take pictures of problems they come across during the day, or they snap a picture of a part they need for an upcoming project. When employers need to access these photos, they employee is not always reachable and/or able to send the pictures. By downloading software that allows you to spy on text messages, you can also view every picture taken by the target phone.

Unfortunately, not all reasons behind needing this software are so innocent. Many suspicious parents or spouses use this feature to see exactly what kinds of pictures the users of the target phone are taking, and receiving. Celebrities aren’t the only ones whose lives can be ruined by a private and personal photo being leaked to the public. Experimental teens could be ruining their future careers, relationships and lives by sending and receiving damaging photos. Parents can nip this bad habit in the bud by checking in to see the photo gallery on the target phone. Spouses can check in to make sure their loved one isn’t sending inappropriate pictures to other people as well.

Being able to open up and use the camera of the target phone is another useful feature that goes above and beyond just letting you spy on text messages. If a less than trust worthy employee says he/she is “on their way” to work and you have your doubts, flip on the camera and take a picture. If you get a picture of their bedroom ceiling and their comforter, you can be pretty sure they aren’t “on their way.” If a loved one with a less than perfect score in the faithfulness department says they out of town on business, a quick shot taken from their phone can reassure the owner that they are indeed spending their afternoons in meetings.

Along with the popular GPS tracking feature, using the camera remotely can help owners find a phone if it is lost or stolen. Simply open up the camera on the target phone and take a picture. If you recognize the picture as the inside of your car, the underside of your sofa or the dressing room of your favorite store, you will know where to look for it. If someone has stolen the target phone and is bold enough to take pictures with their “new” phone, you will be able to log in and see who has the phone.

Auto Forward cell phone spy software helps people keep an eye on their employees, spouses and kids. Being able to remotely control the camera on the target phone is just another feature, along with the ability to spy on text messages that makes Auto Forward the superior cell phone spy product.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Things You Should Know About Highster Mobile Cell Phone Spy

In today’s technologically advanced world, most of the people have heard about cell phone spy applications. However, not many of them have a clear understanding of what these programs are capable of or how these programs are to be used. You might not think that spying on someone’s phone is an ethical thing to do. However, it is important to note here that some of the uses of these programs are extremely beneficial in the present social environment. Therefore, it does make sense to know more about these uses before raising questions about the use of these programs.

Are you aware of the fact that thousands of parents now rely on cell phone spy tracking technology to spy a phone and keep their young kids safe online? These days, children start using mobile phones from a very young age. Making things worse, most of these children use advanced mobile devices that are capable of doing so much other than just taking and making calls. In fact, most of the children using smartphones spend a lot of time online visiting social media networks, chat rooms, and different gaming websites. However, unfortunately, most of these children do not have the maturity to make the most efficient utilization of this freedom.

With the easy availability of the internet, there has been a serious increase in the rate of cyber crimes that involve minor internet users. Mobile phone tracking applications have now emerged an excellent tool for the parents to make sure that their children are well protected from all potential dangers. These software applications can track almost all activities of the target mobile device including messages, calls, websites visited, pictures taken, and much more. As a result, parents can use these applications to find out their children’s online behavior and take corrective measures when required.

Mobile phone spying applications can also be extremely useful for organizations that want to keep an eye on their employees. By using these programs, it is possible to minimize the number of personal calls from an office phone. Some organizations have also used these programs to protect their sensitive official date from being stolen. The GPS location tracking is a key feature of some of the more sophisticated cell phone spy programs such as Highster Mobile, which allows you to track phone location. This particular feature can be used to track the physical location of employees that work outside the office.

It is also useful to install Highster Mobile on your own mobile device, particularly if you tend to mistakenly delete important messages from your phone frequently. Highster Mobile is one of the few products in the market that can retrieve old messages from a phone. With Highster Mobile installed, phone users will find it easy to track their lost or stolen phones.

There are many highly useful applications of a top class cell phone monitor software program such as Highster Mobile to read text messages. In addition to the utility of the software program, Highster Mobile can be used by all types of users because it is simple to operate. It has also been priced affordably to suit the tight budget of the common man.    


Monday, October 12, 2015

Here Is What to Remember When Using Cell Phone Spy Software

Now, imagine a scenario where you have found the best texting spy software for cell phones and you are already using it to remotely monitor your kids social media activities. phone calls and text messages… everything is working like a bliss. And then you get caught and your son, yes your own son, grounds you. He refuses to speak to you, and yes, he has a right, because you were spying on him. People don’t spy on other people, well, unless they work for the NSA!
Who says you have to get caught? But to be on the safe side, the best thing is to talk to your teen, tell them about the dangers of abusing the freedom they have with their phone and tell them that from time to time, you would like to know what they do on their smartphone. That will subconsciously prepare them that Uncle Sam is always watching, though not from close quarters and should you get caught, they will not give you a hard stretch.
Installing a good mobile cell phone spy is the beginning, there is more to be done. You need to know how to use the software just right so that you get the full value of your money. The good thing is that when you install Highster Mobile cell phone spy, you will get the instructions for use and anyway, it is never that hard because with just a little tech knowledge, you will be on your way to monitoring what your teen is doing on Whatsapp, Facebook, text and email.

How can you get the most out of the Text Spy software?
  1. Firstly, you want to ensure that the installation on the target phone is not seen because if it is, then it loses all meaning of being spy software. It must be possible to do the installation remotely as well as the monitoring.
  2. Always be ready to use proactive measures. For example, if your daughter is receiving calls and texts from a suspicious number, you can block that number such that your kid can no longer receive messages and calls, and cannot reply to the same. If you notice that there is a real threat, then you could also take it upon yourself to warn that person that you will take legal action against them. You have the right to do so as the guardian.
  3. Always back up your data. This is very important. If you have to take legal action against a possible child molester who has been after your kid, how are you going to do it without the data you have collected over time? In addition, you also need to review the web, call and text history from time to time to see suspicious numbers that your kid communicates with regularly.
A free android spy software is very good, but only when you know how to get maximum productivity out of it to track phones. Do you need such software? Of course you do. When it comes to the safety of your kids, you know you can never be too careful. However, most apps that are functional and have excellent customer service are the ones with a low nominal one-time cost.
Remember; the most important thing when using software to spy on a cell phone without having it is to never get caught. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Accessing The Calendar On Your Teen’s Phone

Teens are busy. They have after-school activities like band, theatre and sports. They have after school jobs, volunteer hours and of course time spent with their friends. They have reports that are due, tests to study for and for older teens, maybe an occasional date with the cute guy/girl from school. They have calendars packed with events and activities, and it can be hard to keep up with it all. This is why when using Auto Forward, parents love that along with being able to spy on text messages, they have complete access to the calendar on the target phone.

 This feature comes in handy when your teen is so busy that sometimes he forgets to tell you which field he’ll be playing soccer on, what time dress rehearsal is or when you need to bring in the cake for the class party. Most parents love when their child is active in school and extra curricular activities, as it stimulates their character and personality. Being able to locate a cell phone and log in and see what is on the agenda today helps parents keep it all straight. Frantic teens who aren’t around their phone and can’t remember when their English project is due can ask a parent to log in, check the calendar on their cell phone using Auto Forward, and give them the information they need.

Parents can download Auto Forward phone spy onto their teen’s mobile device in a few, simple steps and installation only takes a few minutes. Parents can download the software without even having the target phone in their possession. They can then log in using their username and password and view all of the target phone activity on any mobile device or computer. This works completely undetectable to the user, and is invisible on the target phone.

Unfortunately, not all teens are busy with productive and safe after school activities. Parents who are concerned about what their teens are up to or what they have planned in their free time, find that accessing the calendar, as well as being able to spy on text messages, comes in handy. Of course, teens probably won’t add “hanging out with the bad crowd in a back alley” into their cell phone calendar, but a note, symbol, or systematic color coding may give parents a place to start when looking into the extra curricular plans of their teen. It can also give parents a heads up on upcoming tests, projects and school events that teens need to be prepared for, if the teens have added the info to their calendar.

One of the great things about Auto Forward is that it can spy on text messages even if they have been deleted. This is the same for emails, web history and information inputted into the calendar. Once teens know they are being monitored, they may try to get rid of any damaging evidence of inappropriate behavior, but this software allows parents to retrieve past messages, emails and other deleted information.

Being able to check in on the upcoming events your teen has planned can help you as a parent keep the family schedule current and flowing smoothly.  Spy apps like Auto Forward works to keep you teen safe, and to keep your family in sync.